People travel to Montenegro to see stunning mountains chains, and awesome Adriatic coast.

Montenegro is stretching along the sea line with numerous cities located on the coast: Bar, Sutomore, Petrovac, St Stephan, Kotor Tivat, Herzog Novi.

All of the cities are located close to each other, this is why you can easily visit all of them, while staying in one.

Montenegro is small but very friendly country, very popular among the tourists who prefer budget vacations and clean ecological climate.

If you plan to travel to Montenegro you will enjoy the nature, the landscapes and sunsets at the seaside.

The hotel infrastructure of Montenegro is relevant to those who prefer rest at nature rather then luxury resorts.

Lower prices range attracts tourists with families and children.

Nudists have the opportunity to go to separately arranged beaches at the hotel areas.

Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro, with main resorts at Herceg Novi Riviera, Budva, Ulchin.

Montenegro is also popular for mountain resorts in Zhabliak and Kolashyn.

There are international airports in Montenegro – Podgorica and Tivat.

Both airports are quite small with a bit limited range of services at the waiting area.

Most interesting spots for visiting in Montenegro

In every country there are places that impress visitors more then others.

Kotor town

During travel to Montenegro you will be admired with Kotor.

The old town of Kotor saved its medieval look and is included into the list of world’s heritage of UNESCO. Kotor is surrounded by walls, which were built to protect the citizens from Turkish invaders.

These walls are the second in length after the Great China Wall. When visiting Kotor city try to climb up the wall to enjoy marvelous views.

Some people say you have not seen Montenegro if you have not traveled to Kotor!

Budva city

Budva city is a bit overcrowded with tourists during high season. It is popular for the night life and beaches. When travelling to Budva make sure to visit old city. You will enter the piece of land of serenity, narrow streets and stone walls.

Numerous shops and restaurants, souvenir shops will be waiting for you in Budva.

You can reach the old part of the city climbing the wall from Citadel. Inside of Citadel there are several museums. Churches can be found on the Churches Square of Budva.

Important phone numbers to put down when you travel to Montenegro

Police – 92

Fire service – 93

Emergency – 94

Information  bureau – 988

Information and assistance on the roads  – 9807

Distances between cities in Montenegro

from airport Tivat to Budva – 20 km

from Budva (old town) to Bechichi – 2 km

from airport Tivat to Bechichi – 23 km

from Budva to Dubrovnik – 107 km

from airport Tivat to Herzog Novi – 25 km

from Budva to Petrovac – 20 km

from airport Tivat to Milocher (ST. Stephan) – 28 km

from Budva to St. Stephan – 9 km

from airport Tivat to Petrovac – 40 km

from Herzog Novi to Dubrovnik – 50 km

from airport Tivat to Bar/Sutomore – 65 km

from Petrovac to St. Stephan – 2 km

from airport Tivat to Dubrovnik – 80 km

from airport Tivat to Ulcjin – 95 km

 Visit Skadar Lake 

Hotel and restaurant tips in Montenegro

In hotels and in the restaurants in Montenegro tips for waiters services usually are included into the bill. But anyway it is considered to be a nice gesture if you leave about 10% from the costs of the services.

Post Office and Communication services

Post office is open from 9:00am till 14:00 and you can use telephone cards to make a call from the city telephone boxes. Telephone cards are for sale in post offices and newspapers shops. You can call abroad from any city phone.

International codes for calling from Montenegro

international calls 8 + 10

+ is a code of the country 381 or 382

+ code of the city + phone number

City codes:

Budva, Bechichi, Petrovac, St. Stephan, Milocher  – 86

Igalo – 88

 Driving Tips for Montenegro

Prices in cafes and restaurants of Montenegro

Coffee – 0,5 – 1 euro

Bottle of wine – 6-9 euro

Bottle of beer (0,3-0,5) – 1-2 euro

Pizza – 8-10 euro

Main course – 5-10 euro

Sea fish (per kilo) – 30 – 35 euro

What are the most beautiful places of Montenegro

Prices for umbrellas and plank beds

All the beaches in Montenegro are municipal, though some are in domain of the hotels. Entrance to the beaches for the guests of the hotels is free, but plank beds and umbrellas cost 3 -5 euro (2 plank beds and 1 umbrella).

On the territory of the hotels near swimming pools all the plank beds and umbrellas are provided for free.

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