Public transport in UAE is well organized and easy to use. Main means of travel in the cities of UAE are buses.

Public transport in Dubai represents 7 zones system, where you pay for the trip based on the number of zones you cross during your journey.

No fee is foreseen for kids up to 5 years old.

How to pay for public transport in UAE?

If you are traveling in UAE you can purchase a travel card, choosing the most suitable tariff: silver, gold, blue card standard class, blue card gold class, or red ticket.

If you are using public transport in UAE, be aware that you cannot pay cash in Dubai for using metro, buses or water buses.

Full amount for the trip will be charged from your travel card at the end of journey. The amount will be calculated depending on how many zones you crossed.

You will be charged at one of the card readers at the exits from bus stations, water bus stop and metro exits.

In case you are using several means of transport and lapse in time between the two is no more then 30 minutes – no fee will be charged.

The blue card holders, students and seniors citizens get 50% discount. This rule is applied only for the residents and nationals of UAE.

With regards to travel with kids up to 5 years old – no matter whether the child is UAE resident or not – all kids of this age travel for free.

Traveling by taxi in UAE

Most of the hotels have buses of their own to take the guests to the city center and to the beach.

Taxis are the most popular means of transport in Dubai.

Taxis are municipal and private. Municipal taxi can be found in special parking lots.

Payment for the use of municipal taxi is based on the counter results – 1.5-2 AED for 1 km of the road. 2-4 AED will be charged by taxi driver for boarding.

Additional fee will be applied if you are calling taxi during the night period or ordering taxi by phone.

In Dubai there is special kind of taxi for women, where drivers are women only.

Average cost for the trip by taxi round the city will 10- 20 AED.

Private taxis are a bit cheaper, plus it is possible to bargain.

Local private taxi drivers are usually aware of the tourist attractions, hotels and shopping malls to recommend to the travelers.

You can also agree in advance on the cost of the trip.

In tourist cities you can take excursion bus. They arrange day and night tours.

You can use the ticket during 24 hours and join or leave the bus on any stop foreseen by a particular route.

Price for taking a trip by such a bus in average is 40 – 60 USD for adult. Again, such a ticket is valid for 24 hours.

You can check offers for families, kids and students, which will be a cheaper option of course.

Also car rent centers are available countrywide.

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