Golden Gates in Kiev is a fortified building of 12th century and one of a few that was preserved till our days.

It was built in 1164 right after the erection of the fortified walls around the New city.

Golden Gates in Kiev were the entrance and tower at the same time, triumph arch, leading to the main aristocratic street of the city. Unfortunately with time the building was ruined step by step because of the weather and fight attacks.

Golden Gates of Kiev city

Photo of Golden Gates in Kiev

According to the data of 16-17 centuries and city drawings of this period by 1651 the Golden Gates in Kiev were partially destroyed.

Nevertheless the Gates remained the main entrance gates to the city of Kiev till the middle of the 18th century.

The Gates were a meeting spot and entrance point, commemorated in historical archives and associated with Kiev city.

In 1648 Bogdan Khmelnitskyi was met by Kievers at the Golden Gates to celebrate the victory at the Yellow Waters.

In 1654 the Russian Embassy entered the Golden Gates coming to Kiev to celebrate the reunion.

Golden Gates in Kiev

In the middle of 17th and 18th centuries the reconstruction of the fortified constructions started in Kiev. In the middle of the 18th century the remnants of the memorial of Golden Gates were buried under the ground and near them a new construction was erected with exactly same name.

In 1832 the Golden Gates were reopen again for the visitors.

In 1970 to preserve the remnants of the Gates it was suggested to cover them under ground. At the same time the initial view of the Golden Gates was restored.

This way the ruins of the monument remain safe and there is possibility to show the Kievers and guests of the capital the initial design of the Golden Gates.

Pavilion was open in May 1982 and this event was devoted to the celebration of 1500 anniversary of Kiev.

Golden Gates Kiev Ukraine

Golden Gates entrance

Today visitors can see the remnants of the original Golden Gates in Kiev inside of the exhibition of the building. The stairs inside construction lead to the top of the building, to enjoy marvelous views of Kiev city.

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