How to book cheap flights online? This starts to be an issue number one, when we start making holidays plans.

While planning vacations we intend to get most of our travel budget and surely would prefer to get the cheapest flight and best hotel deals.

No secret that demand on air tickets is growing every day, because traveling by plane is the most convenient and fast way to reach the destination point. Flying is a preferred means of traveling among business people and tourists.

Recommended tips on how to book cheap flights online

Some people think getting a cheaper ticket means too much hassle. But we would like to suggest several simple steps that would help you get the answer to how to book cheap flights online.

As soon as you decided on your travel dates make sure to subscribe for the travel deals on several flight booking resources. This way you will not have to search daily for the latest deals.

Subscribed members receive travel offers via emails sent out regularly by the air companies. You will get an automated pre-selected list of best deals or the results based on your pointed out preferences.

What is the best time to buy plane tickets?

They say the best timing for booking the tickets is 2-3 months before the trip. But generally there is no exact official rule in this regard. Surely it is cheaper to buy online and in advance – the earlier – the cheaper are the flights, but again that depends on many factors.

Are you a real adventurer? Then take a chance and go for the last minutes deals to get nice quotes.

Recommendations on best days for buying air tickets online

They say the best days for buying cheap flight tickets are: Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These are the days when you have a chance to save on travel and buy the ticket at lowest prices.

Selecting days of the week for traveling

So you are online and filtering the flights schedules and deals. What is important now? Pay attention to the departure and arrival time. Friday is considered to be the most inconvenient day for departures.

Sunday is the worst day for arrivals. On Fridays and Sundays people are flying for vacations, which means the tickets are in more demand. This fact is known for the airlines of course, and it leads to growth of prices.

Clean cookies

Another advice on how to book cheap flights online is to clean cookies in your browser. Some travel websites use special plugin, which allows tracking down visitors and keeping statistics of your visits and searches. They can use this information to play with the ticket prices.

Online registration form

Don’t forget to use online registration tool when you are leaving for the trip. Most of the airlines offer this convenient tool nowadays, which significantly saves your time and allows you to check in for the flight from home or on the way to the airport.

How to book cheap flights online

Advantages of online flight tickets booking

The main advantage of buying flight tickets online is immediate access to the database of different air companies. You can select the flights in various directions all over the world.

Searching for the flight tickets online you have the possibility to compare air fares and select the cheapest option.

The access to the database is available 24 hours day. As soon as you purchase the ticket you will get confirmation via email. Purchase of the flight tickets online saves plenty of time and efforts.

You will not spend time in the agency waiting to select the flight you need. You can do everything yourself without putting too much efforts. All you need is computer and access to internet. The whole process will take few minutes.

Buying cheap flight tickets with low cost companies

What is the difference between the low cost companies and regular flight companies?

The policy of the low cost companies is based on the principle of cutting the regular services. That’s why the passengers of budget flight companies will not be offered free drinks and food, there will be limitation on the baggage weight, and flight tickets will be without assigned seats.

For arrivals and departures low cost companies offer remote airports instead of primary ones. Important notice about budget companies is that purchased ticket cannot be returned and dates cannot be changed.

Cheap flights performed by low cost companies will be less then 3 hours in length.
Another particular feature is that low cost companies offer tickets for sale only online on their websites.

If lucky enough you can buy the flight ticket for 30 EUR within Europe and even at 10-15 EUR if there is a discount.
For those, who prefer to travel cheap this is the best alternative to save.

How to book charter flights

Booking a seat on charter flight seems to be impossible for many people. But in reality the process of reservation charter flight is quite easy.

The disadvantage of charter flight is that there is no option to book the tickets in advance.

Departure time can be inconvenient and carrier can change the departure time. Charter flights are performed only in most popular tourist directions.

The level of service during charter flights is not the best one. Travelers cannot buy charter flight tickets online. This option is available only in those tourist agencies, which are organizing the flight.

How shall I get the flight ticket I purchased online?

After completion of the flight ticket purchase you will receive an email with a copy of your ticket.

When booking the ticket make sure you check correct spelling of your name and email to avoid confusion. Upon completion of purchase the ticket will be sent to your email address automatically within few minutes.

Check your spam folder in case the email is not received.

Traveling by plane during high season

Christmas is the most expensive period for travelling in Europe. Plenty of people plan vacations, short weekend breaks for visiting family for Christmas holidays.

You have some plans in mind and want to know how to book cheap flights online for the holidays period. Making flight purchase much in advance is option number one, while second optionis to wait when the air companies announce discounts.

In case free seats are available, the airlines announce sales and make short notice before the flight. This is of course if the dates of your travel are flexible and you can wait to get the best deals.

Round trip tickets are usually cheaper option, since one way ticket may cost the same amount of money as two way flight ticket.

There is one more nuance on cost savings for flight booking – buy ticket with transfer instead of direct flight. But remember that overlay between the flights may be too short, like 50 minutes.

Complete your agenda to be sure that overlay time is enough for you to get to another gates within the same airport. We recommend the overlay should be at least two hours between the flights to have enough time.

Pay attention that sometimes the air tickets are much cheaper for the flights with transfer and performed from different airports. Thus when booking flights online carefully check the details.

Now you know how to book cheap flights online and save on trips. Wishing everybody happy booking and great vacations!

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