San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world after Monaco and Vatican. The territory of San Marino is surrounded by Italy from all the parts of its boarders. San Marino boarders with Emilia-Romania in Northern Eats and with Marche region in South West. It is visited my millions of tourists every year from all over the world. San Marino travel and tourist information guides will help you to plan a trip to the oldest state in Europe.


There are 9 ancient fortresses on the territory of San Marino, including the city of San Marino. San Marino is located on the top of several hills with beautiful views. The highest point is the mountain Monte Titano, 750 meters above the sea level. The Monte Titano (“Mount Titan”) mountain has three hills and on each there is an ancient fortress, which is also the symbol of the country. Amazing view opens from the highest point of the hills. The Adriatic Sea is located just13 km from here.


San Marino is a tiny state and doesn’t have the airport of its own. In order to travel to San Marino you would need to arrive to one of the airports located nearby. The closest one is in Rimini, about 25 km from San Marino. There is another airport, Forli, at 72 km distance and a more remote one – Falcone, the airport of Bologna, 135 km from the state.

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Before the World War the II San Marino and Rimini were connected by a rail road, which was built during the times of Benito Mussolini. After the war the rail road was reassembled. The tunnels and the rail road at the square of Piazzale Lo Stradone remind of the existence of the road.


The closest train station to San Marino is located in Rimini. You can travel to San Marino from Rimini by bus also. The cost of the bus ticket will be 6.8EUR and the whole trip will take about 45 minutes. The bus makes 6-8 routes each day, arriving to the station near Piazzale Calcigni Square, which is also well known as Piazzale delle Autocorriere.


Tourists traveling by car can take route SS72. But you should keep in mind that traffic is not allowed in the center of the city at all. Best option to see all the sightseeing of San Marino is walking around. You can park your car at one of the nearest parking lots. There is also funicular to Borgo Madgore. The road is located near the parking lots #11, 12, 13 and two way ticket will cost 4,5 EUR.

Working schedule:

January – February 7:50 — 18:30

March –            7:50 — 19:00

April                 7:50 — 19:30

May –              June 7:50 — 20:00


From the 1st of July through the 5th of September 7:50 — 1:00

From the 6th of September through the 30th of September

October 7:50 — 19:00

November – December 7:50


When they close funicular Borgo Madgore, San Marino can be reached following the Costa dell’Arnella road.


Due to lower costs for number of goods a lot of tourists are coming to San Marino for shopping. You can enjoy the two discount shops which offer goods from previous seasons and the two shopping malls Atlante and Azzurro. And of course there are hundreds of awesome smaller shops all over San Marino. You will find here best prices for clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and electronic devices, as well as music instruments.

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