What are your plans for visiting Florence? Did you already make a list of things to do in Florence? Discover unique Italian city, museum under the open air. Florence is located on the banks of Arno River and is the center of Tuscany.

The name of Florence is translated from Italian as “in blossom”. According to historical data the city was founded in 59 B.C., which makes it the oldest city in the center of Europe.

Plan a trip to Florence in Italy to visit the cradle of Renaissance.

Things to do in Florence

Things to do in Florence

Plenty of travel spots are available for visiting in Florence: churches and Cathedrals, beautiful Palaces and monuments of culture and art.

Florence is the location of world known masterpieces of Michelangelo and Leonardo de Vinci, Boccaccio and many other Italian artists.

 Things to do in Florence Italy

Visiting Baptistery San-Giovanni is surely in the top list of things to do in Florence.

Initially it was the location of the ancient Mars temple. In Vth century it was also a Christ Temple and in XI it turned into church baptized in the name of Joann the Baptizer.

All the citizens of Florence were baptized here till XIX century, including Dante and Medici.

Baptistery San-Giovanni Open hours:

Daily: 11:15am – 18:30

Sundays and the first Saturday of the month:

08:30am – 13:30

During Easter, April 25 and May 1:

08:30am – 18:30

Next to Baptistery there is a monumental construction of Santa Maria del Fiore.

In 1294 erection of the building started according to the project of the architect Santa Reparata. Such famous masters as Giotto, Pizano and Alenti participated in building of the Temple.

Only in 1434 Santa Maria del Fiore Temple was finished, right after 140 years from the beginning of construction date. It became biggest cathedral in Europe.

Now it is the symbol of Florence, pointing out its outstanding beauty and dominance in Tuscany.

Giotto Bell Tower was designed by famous Giotto. 414 steps will take you to the top of the Giotto Tower.

It is one of the major monuments of the Piazza del Duomo. The height of Giotto Bell Tower is 84.7 meters while width is 15 meters.

Giotto Bell Tower is open:

Tuesdays – Saturdays: 08:30am-07:30pm

Closed on: January1, Easter Sunday, September 8, December 25.

You can buy a single admission ticket (valid for 24 hours) and visit Giotto’s Bell Tower, Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Baptistery and the Crypt of Santa Reparata, and the historical museum.

Entrance fee is 10 Euros.

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