We have found some interesting facts about people and countries of the world for you.

Did you know that the country with the biggest percentage of people in prisons is USA? In China the number of people in prisons is 870 thousand people.

Nauru is the country where most of the population is fat. They say the main reason is that people consume too much food and don’t move enough.

The flag of Alaska was created by a boy 13 years old.

In Ancient Rome if the patient died during the operation they cut the hands to the surgeon.

Maldives is under the danger of going under the water because of global warming. The inhabitants of the country have every reason to get worried, since more territory of the islands bit by bit goes under the water every year.

France is the country that covers most of time zones of the globe, to be more exact 12!!!

The military chest is made only with the right hand all over the world.

Nile River was frozen twice – in IX and XI centuries.

Libya is the country with most dry climate. 99% of its territory is desert, and in some regions there is no rain for years.

Afghanistan is the biggest producer of opium – 95% of the whole world.

Did you ever ask yourself what is the country with the smallest territory of forests? Haiti regretfully is on the top list in this category. Almost all the woods have been destroyed here.

The biggest city-state in the world is Singapore with the territory of 714.3 square kilometers. Interesting fact about Singapore is that the territory keeps growing.

50 cent coin of Australia initially contained silver worth 2 dollars.

The most often stolen book in English libraries is the Guinness book.

The National Orchestra of Monaco is bigger than its Army.

It was snowing only once in the dessert of Sahara on the 18th of February in 1979.

The territory of Canada is bigger than of China and China is bigger than USA.

The most multilingual country is Papua in New Guinea. The official language of the country is English but the strange fact is that only 2% of the population speaks English. The citizens of Guinea use 820 of various languages, which is 12% of the whole number of languages of the world.

Falkland Islands of Great Britain are known for the highest sheep density per person. The main income of the country is based on wool export and number of sheep per person is 166.

Would you like to go to the least populated country? Then pick up Mongolia to plan a trip to. Density of population in Mongolia is only 4 persons per 1,5 square kilometer.

Sienna city in Italy is famous not only for the historical facts but also for local traditions – if the name of a woman is Maria she can not work as a prostitute.

In Las Vegas casinos there are no clocks.

The language of Eskimos is very rich for snow notions – also 20 words to identify snow.

According to United Nations Canada was nominated 4 times during last 5 year as the best country for living.

What is the country with the youngest generation? 50% of the population of Niger (country in Africa) is younger then 15 years old.

What is the country where its population does not live in? You might be surprised but this is Malta!

Because of the economics crises and growing birth level a lot of people started to migrate from Malta. As a result number of Malta citizens living outside country prevails.

Plan a trip to India- this is the country that offers maximum of variety to the tourists, including religions, languages, cultural traditions and more.

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