Nice French Riviera is one the most popular cities in the world. It is located 230 km from Marseilles and 960 km from Paris, in Angels Bay, on the hills surrounded by Alps.

Nice French Riviera photos

Nice monument in Promenade des Anglais

Growth of Nice in French Riviera as European resort has started in 19th century.

It was marked with a number of newly built hotels, magnificent villas, boulevards and beautiful parks.

Even nowadays it impossible to find a place, which will be as charming and beautiful as Nice.

Nice French Riviera travel photos

Views of Nice, center of the city

Where to stay in Nice?

A lot of hotels built a while ago have been preserved in Nice.

They are perfect for staying and enjoying vacations in Cote d’Azure. In total there are about 200 hotels, 21 of which are rated as 4 star hotels.

If your travel to Nice French Riviera, you should first of all visit the Old town.

It is very convineit to rent an apartment in old part of the city of Nice.

This is the center of the city and it is convenient for taking tours to places around. All sight seeings as well as shopping points are in walking distance from the old town.

Nice old town, French Riviera

Streets of Old Town of Nice, French Riviera

Best places to see in Nice French Riviera

Promenade des Anglais is the most famous place in Nice French Riviera.

It is dynamic and relaxing at the same time.Thousands of people come here for a walk or for relaxing rest at the seaside.

Visiting St. Nickolas Russian Church

When visiting historical places of Nice, you can also plan a tour to the Russian Church.

Nice is a very special place for many reasons. No one will ever get bored or lonely here – there are always different kinds of venues all year round to please any taste and any age.

Annual Carnival for example attracts thousands of visitors in February – March. Amazing Battle of Flowers and music shows are always in the list of things to do of tourists coming to French Riviera during winter season.

Weather in Nice in Cote d’Azure

Weather in Nice is mild and perfect for visiting all year round.

Rains are quite rare and don’t last for long. It is worth noting that snow is extraordinary in Nice and local people practically never see it. Average temperature is as following:

Spring: 15-18 С

Summer: 23-32 С

Autumn: 17-25 С

Winter: 9-13 С

Brief video tour from Rick Steves will take to Nice, French Riviera to see most prominent places by yourself.

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