Amazing tiny Bairols village is located in the South Eastern part of Alpes-Maritines department of France.

The village is beautifully set on the top on the mountains chain.

The population counts just about 100 citizens living there. The village is located not from Nice – 34 km.

How to get to Bairols village

You can easily get to Bairols by car, driving among wonderful nature on the way to the village.

Driving by car from Nice to the village will take from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Bairols village alpes Maritines guide

View of Bairols village from the mountains

The territory of Bairols village is not big, but there are number of things you surely will enjoy.

Walk along the streets of the village, take photos of amazing mountains views of Alpes Maritines.

Visit local restaurant and taste traditional French cuisine.

Bairols village alpes Maritines photos

Streets of Bairols village

Bairols village alpes Maritines

Road to Bairols village

There is also a very nice road from the village to the forest and mountains. It is nice and easy for walking with family or friends.

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Road near Bairols village to the mountains

There is a nice road, where you can drive or walk, taking you to the mountains.

The car can be left near the forest area, and you will take the walking paths to reach the top of the mountain chains.

Breathtaking landscapes will open in front of you:

Bairols village alpes Maritines

Views near Bairols

Bairols village alpes Maritines France travel guides

Trip to Bairols can be done within a day.

Alternatively this can be an easy weekend trip and you can book accommodation to stay overnight in one of the houses offered for rent in the village.

There is a house in the mountains which can be rented for overnight if you would like to spend a night in the nature. Contacts can be checked with local commune.

Lodging in the mountains is available upon preliminary booking.

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Bairols on the map:

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