Croatia is one those beautiful places you would love to travel each time you have an opportunity. While getting ready for the trip to Croatia and planning your travel, read about some interesting facts about Croatia.

World known physician Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia.

Carnival in Rijeke is one of three most bright carnivals in Europe.

The interesting fact about Croatia is that the seaside of Opatija used to be the main resort of Habsburg elite, and it is still considered to be Nice of the Adriatic coast.

Interesting facts about Croatia

The White House in Washington was built from marble from Brach Island.

The chapel in Trogir is decorated with 150 human sculptures.

One of the interesting facts about Croatia is that the oldest public theater in Europe was built in Hvar in 1612.

The oldest Insurance Law was accepted in Dubrovnik in 1395, three hundred years earlier then Lloyd Law, relating to 17th century.

Croatia is the country where within 100km you can see rocks, forests, sea, mountains and flat territory.

Plan trip to amazing Plitvice Lakes

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The Golden Cape is the beach in Brach Island changes its shape depending on wind.

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Did you know that Croatia is the place where the tie was invented? In 17th century Croatian soldiers wore the ties, which became an extremely popular trend since then.

Maraschino is a true Zadar liqueur, which in the 18th century was exported almost to all European countries and was offered during receptions of the king of England George IV, Napoleon Bonaparte and Russian King, Nickolas.

Croatia is one of the most clean ecologic countries in Europe.

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