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Best trip ideas to France, Italy, Monaco, to explore most interesting places of Montenegro, Croatia, reveal the history of Ukraine and Egypt. Discover interesting facts about the Netherlands and UAE. Stunning photos of travel gallery of places around the world is ready for your review.

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best trip ideas

How to plan best trip to France?

Have you ever been in France? If the answer is “no”, then you have plenty of things to do! For the variety of tourist locations France is country number one for visiting.

Best travel spots in France

Bourgogne – is the region of France with capital in Dijon, one of main wine and cuisine centers of the country.

Bordeaux city is located in the South West of France is the center of Aquitaine region, famous for the rich history, variety of monuments and museums and of course for the wines industry.

Sometimes they call the city of Bordeaux “La petite Paris”.

Cote d’Azure is another popular region of France, the territory of which is stretching from Marseilles to the Italian boarder.

Best trip ideas

Mild climate, warm sea, comfortable hotels and villas attract millions of tourists for vacations to Cote d’Azure.

The main feature of Cote d’Azure is that beside the sea people are coming here for the entertainments: restaurants, night clubs and casinos.

Trips to Cannes, Nice, Juan les Prince, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and Antibes will make your vacations really adorable.

Should you be willing to spend vacations in more tranquil place you might consider going to Provence and experience the charm of ancient villages, which still keep the breath of middles ages and the atmosphere of those time.

Eze village, St Paul de Vence, La Brigue, Bairols are only few trip destinations where to travel to if you already are in French Riviera.

best trip ideas

All kinds of entertainments are available at the Mediterranean coast. Those who would like to win plenty of money and become rich in one night can visit famous Monte Carlo casino.

Monaco remains one the most popular tourist spots, where you find out how the Queens family of Monte Carlo lives.

Jean Ives Cousteau museum will reveal the underwater life for you. This museum is very popular for family visits with children. Provence, the Alps and Cote d’Azure are the most picturesque spots of France.

This is the place where the beauty of Alps Mountains and sunny beaches of Mediterranean resorts create a special atmosphere for rest and relaxing vacations.

Strasbourg is the city in the Northeast of France, historical capital of Elzas, its cultural and industrial center.

Most of people know Strasbourg for being the location of the European Parliament and European Court on Human Rights. Strasbourg will also impress you with unique architectural sights.

Travel tips for best vacations in Italy

Plan a trip to Italy Venice

Travel gallery of Venice

Ancient monuments of Rome, romantic Venice, hills of Tuscany and magic Milan will be waiting for you in Italy.

You will be impressed with the magnetic historical places of Florence, Sienna, Vatican, St Mark Basilica, Venice, Pisa tower, Como Lake.

Italy is also known for wine industry, which makes it worth taking excursion to the winery, or trying local wines in the restaurants.

What are the most popular places of Italy?

Agrigento Temples Valley is the place of archaeological research, where remnants of temples have been well preserved.

Some of them are dated 5th century BC. Cinque Terre is the heritage of UNESCO and the National park of Italy.

This is also one of the cleanest part of Italy. Cinque Terre is the territory of 5 villages on the cliffs of Italian Riviera.

Plan a trip to Uffizi gallery in Florence. This is an opportunity to see works of Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and more. Rome Coliseum is a must to see place in Italy.

The image of Coliseum is often used on postcards and guides to Italy. Vesuvius used to be just a hill for those who lived in the area nearby in Naples Bay.

But one day things changed and the city turned into ruins. Take excursion to Pompeii to find out more about the history and see how this place looked like centuries ago.

Amalfi coast is one of best destinations to visit in Italy.

Best trips to take in Croatia

travel ideas for vacations in Croatia

Spending family vacations in Croatia would be a great idea as well. Plenty of architectural monuments and Nature Reserves will impress you during your visit to Croatia.

7 monuments on the territory of Croatia are included into the List of UNESCO heritage. Plan a visit to Split, Pula, Shibenik, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island, Zadar, Rab Island and its golden beaches, the National Plitvice Lakes, Krk Park, and Rovin.

In Croatia travelers will enjoy nature, swim in the clear waters of Adriatic sea, go boating and yachting, or hiking into the mountains.

Croatia is great destination for active vacations and peaceful relaxing rest at the seacoast.

Best places to travel in Montenegro

Travel guide to Montenegro

Montenegro is awesome, in our best trip ideas list we suggest visiting: the old city of Budva, St Stephan island, Boko Kotor Bay, the old town of Kotor, Bechichi beaches, Skadar Lake, Zetine monastery, St Nikolas Island, market in Budva city, Herzog Nivi, Bar, Ostrog monastery, Tara river canyon, Durmitor National Park, Petrovac beaches.

Montenegro is not a big country and can be easily reached by car. In the airports of Tivat and Podgorica car rent is available upon arrival.

You can either make arrangements in advance if this is a high tourist season or rent a car when you arrive to Montenegro.

Why to plan vacations in Egypt

Egyptian resorts are attractive from several perspectives: low prices for hotels, food and souvenirs, red sea, variety of fish and corals, and high level of services.

When visiting Egypt travelers can take interesting excursions to see on their own the ancient monuments of Egypt.

All-inclusive trips to Egypt are especially popular among travelers for the variety of services included.

Plan a trip to Ukraine – itinerary ideas

Ukraine travel photo

Image from Kachanovka, Ukraine

When planning a trip to Ukraine you can start with Kiev, the capital city.

There are plenty of tourist spots in Kiev – Pechersk Lavra, Kreschatik Street, the famous Independence square, St. Sophia Cathedral, Podol area, Andreevsky descent and Anreevsky church, the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Kiev Opera House, Mykhailovsky Cathedral, Golden Gates of Kiev, Volodymyr’s Cathedral, the monument to the founders of Kiev city, Mariinsky Palace, Pirogovo Museum.

Beside visiting Kiev you can also travel for excursions to Lviv city, or Odesa at the Black Sea.

To discover something new plan vacations to United Arab Emirates and it will become your best travel experience.

You can combine excursions with shopping in OAE, and make some savings during discount season.

Remember that “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” (Lao Tzu) Be prepared for your trips, start from several single steps, making arrangements in advance and you will have incredible vacations.

Have fun and read our articles about most interesting places of the world.

If you would like to experience something new and unusual – visit the place you have never been. Make a trip to the abandoned places of the world, the history of which will be revealed in more details during your journey.

Interesting about travel

Best trip ideas will help you discover new things – trip to Provence, Montenegro rafting tour, gondola tour with serenade in Venice, cruise to Monaco, visit Carnival in Nice, plan city bike tours, or drive Ferrari sports car in French Riviera or join “Game of Thrones” walking tour in Dubrovnik.

Best trips are those when you discover new amazing places, old cities, interesting museums and monuments, awesome landscapes and mountains, waterfalls and seas, sunny beaches.

Make a difference and be creative when considering trip ideas for planning your vacations!

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