All of your friends either are busy at work and cannot take vacations to accompany you or have kids and would prefer to have a different type of vacations then you do. But you have really strong intention of going somewhere and there is no reason why should not.

More and more people all over the world are getting busy and planning vacations becomes not easy thing for them. This is why number of people traveling solo grows. There are number of blogs sharing experience of solo travelers, giving advise on places and means of transportation, etc.

What you should know to plan a solo trip?

In order to have a nice trip alone plan beforehand. The more details you consider for your journey the better. One thing for sure you should think of when traveling alone is hotel booking. Book a room at least for one night stay before your departure for vacations.

Do not take too much luggage with you.  Be practical and pragmatic when packing your stuff. Some people believe that it is more practical to buy the item you need during your travel rather then bringing 10 extra things with you just in case you may need them. One convenient bag should be enough and you should be able to cope with it easily.

Plan your arrival during day time to the new place. Searching for hotel during day is more secure in comparison to evening time. Beside that in the evening you will have less energy and will be more tired.

Stay in touch with other tourists when travel alone

Even if you are a solo traveler that doesn’t mean you do not communicate with other tourists. Have a chat in the hostel, or in a bar of the hotel and share the experience and impressions.

Any trip implies more communication with people and perhaps more with the local citizens of the country you are visiting.

It is good to have a map and a guide, pointing out places for visiting but sometimes really interesting place can be discovered due to communication and advice of local people.

Do not be afraid to look odd when having a dinner alone. This is in fact great opportunity for you to think over of the day you spent, you can talk and get acquainted with local people, ask for advise on what to order for the dinner.

What to do if you are travelling for a long period of time? What to do if you are going to spend several weeks in one place and the number of places for visiting in your list exhausted? Think of attending language or local cuisine courses.

For the sake of variety you can take a group tour where you can meet other tourists, meet you new friends and again share the experience.

Whenever you are traveling you should keep your documents with you, put down or keep a business card of the hotel you are staying with you.

Before leaving on a trip you can set mobile applications in your phone, like navigator, online guide, translator so that to be set up for the trip.

The main thing about any travel is to do it in a good mood.

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