Yves Saint Laurent museums in Paris and in Marrakesh will open for visitors in 2017. Both museums will be devoted to the life and career of world famous fashion designer, illuminating 40 years of his amazing work and achievements.


Museum in Paris will be located in Marco Avenue, in former house of designer. This is where he and his partner, Pierre Berge were creating stunning collections for nearly 30 years. The collection is permanently updated. Visitors of the museum can find out about the process of creation stunning haute couture collections.

In Marrakesh museum will be located in Yves Saint Laurent Street near Majorelle Garden, which he and his partner, Pierre Berge bought in 1980 to save building from being ruined. The Majorelle garden is now one of main attractions in Marrakech, visited by 700 000 people every year.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakesh will be open in autumn 2017, representing 5 000 items of clothing from YSL collections, 15 000 items of accessories and many sketchers. Museum covers the territory of 4 000 m2. There is also a bookshop, restaurant and big hall for 130 seats. Library of 5000 books on fashion is a part of the museum.

Both museums, in Paris and in Marrakesh will be inspiration spots for everybody who is fascinated with fashion and art. The atmosphere of the museums is aimed to reveal most prominent moment of Yves Saint Laurent’s life, work and success.


YSL Museum in Marrakesh will be open for visitors daily except for Wednesday. Open hours: from 10am till 6pm. Cost of entrance ticket – 100 Dh. The museum is located at Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Morocco.


YSL Museum in Paris is open daily from Tuesday to Sunday. Fee for entrance tickets varies from EUR 8 to EUR 12. Address of the museum: 5 Avenue Marceau, Paris, France

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