Modern technologies become more and more a part of our lives making traveling to another part of the country or even of the world becomes easier since supported with a number of innovations.

In the airport of Helsinki, hey started testing a new system, capable to recognize faces of the passengers passing for boarding. The announcement was made by press service of Finavia. The testing period will last till the 23d of May, and about one thousand of passengers are going to participate in it.

According to the statement of Heikki Koski the automated identification system will make the process of boarding on plane easier and faster. Looking forward into perspective, the innovation may lead to termination of issuance of boarding passes.

The new system capable to recognize and distinguish faces was developed by a Finnish company Futurice. It allows transforming the face of the passenger into special biometric ID. Those, who passed registration will have their faces identified without saving the images in the database.

Biometric ID recognition is a new trend in the security system of the airports. Amsterdam airport began to test similar technology already in February this year. Here they plan to launch the new biometric terminal in 2018.

The process of using the new technological system is simple – the passenger must scan passport and boarding ticket at special automated machine, after which the machine will take the photo of the passenger.

Then the passenger should follow to special gates, where the system will recognize his/her face and give the access to the plane.

In Paris they plan to introduce a new technology allowing comparing of passengers’ faces with photos in the passports of the citizens from all the EU countries.

In the airport of Canberra in Australia they will start testing the system of face recognition in July 2017. While by 2020 Australian authorities will be able to work over automatically 90% of the passengers’ flow.

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