New rules on alcohol drinks have been recently introduced in the city of Rome, Italy. According to the new rule the alcohol will be for sale any time except for evening and night period. The news has been posted by The Local on the 10th of July, 2017.


From now on drinking alcohol from glass containers in the streets of the capital of Italy is strictly forbidden after 10pm up to 7am. After the midnight same limitation is applied to all other drinks no matter in which container they are sold.

Drinking Alcohol in Rome - new rule

Supermarkets cannot sell alcohol after 10pm and starting from 2 am drinks will not be sale in the bars and clubs.


The authorities introduced fines in the amount of 150 EUR for drinking alcohol in public places and 280 EUR for selling. This rule will be on till the end of October. It is introduced on the territory of almost all the districts of the city.


Number of local citizens and businessmen expressed their discontent in this regard, some even pointed out that the only district, which is not covered by this new rule is Ottavia, where the City Mayer, Virginia Raggi lives.

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