The best way to discover Netherlands from a different angle is taking canal boat trips in Amsterdam. This is non-expensive fun adventure allowing you to see most interesting places of the city. Prices for river cruises in Amsterdam will depend on the length and additional services of the trip.

You can buy boat tickets in advance via internet. Several companies are performing boat trips in Amsterdam. All of them offer high quality of the same range of services. Thanks to electronic guides tourists can listen to the excursions in English, Russian, Italian, and Spanish.

Tourists can sit at the table, enjoying the views of the old buildings of Amsterdam, and numerous bridges. Also some snacks and drinks will be offered at the boat.

There are several routes of the boats, marked with different color in the guides.  The benefits of such excursions is that tourists can go out at any stop of the boat, take a walk and continue the boat trip at another or same stop. Taking boat tour in Amsterdam is great option for planning since you will not depend on weather.

Boat tours and prices in Amsterdam

The Canal Company offers thematic cruises, like “100 highlights” – one of the most interesting cruises of Amsterdam. The boat trip will take about an hour in total. Every day from 9am till 6pm boats leave every 15 minutes and starting from 6pm till 10pm – every 30 minutes.canal boat trips Amsterdam

Price for tickets for adults is 15 EUR, for kids of 4-12 years old – 7,5 EUR

The evening cruise leaves daily at 9pm, with the duration of 2 hours. The price of the tickets for adults is 35 EUR and 22,5 EUR for kids of 4-12 years old.

An evening boat tour with dinner, drinks and personal cook on the board would cost 75 EUR for adults and 47,50 EUR for children. Duration of such a trip is 2,5 hours.

Canal Bus offers three water routes and each passes near the main tourist spots of Amsterdam. This is a very comfortable route with 18 stops. Tourists can also leave the boat and join the tour again with the next water bus. The tours are organized daily from 10am till 7pm.

Price for boat trip for adults for one day is 20 EUR. Alternatively there is 24 hours tickets at the cost of 22 EUR or 33 EUR valid during 48 hours.

Boat ticket for kids of 4-12 years old would be sold at 50% discount of the total price.

Travelers preferring open boat tours can chose Canal Hopper Company. Their boat can accommodate up to 12 passengers and the captain of the boat is the guide. There are two options – orange one “Hidden Treasures Cruise” – near the old part of Amsterdam city, Red Lights street and Waterloo district. The yellow route offers the “World heritage cruise” and takes tourists to the channels of the XVII century, the flowery market and famous museum of Anna Frank.

Price for the ticket for adults is 17,50 EUR and for kids 8 EUR.

Tours are performed from March through October, from Thursdays through Sundays, given into account weather conditions.

The Blue Boat company performs tours in an open boat from May till September. Personal guide speaks 17 languages and the excursions last for 1 hour 15 minutes, daily 9:30 till 20:00.

The day tours are taking place from 10am till 6pm every 30 minutes. Price per ticket for adults is 15 EUR and for kids 7,5 EUR. The evening tours are hold at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm. Cost of the boat trip is 17,50 EUR and 15 EUR for children.

The evening tour can be bought at the price of 67,60EUR and 45 for children.

Wishing you an amazing boat trip in Amsterdam!

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