The unusual design of the bridges always attracts a lot of attention of visitors. Such places become famous among the tourists and local citizens.

It is interesting to know that the biggest number of bridges in the world is located in the city of Hamburg, to be more exact – 2 300. St Petersburg city in Russia counts 400 bridges! We prepared brief summary about most unusual bridges in the world.

Root bridge in India

Can you imagine that in India people use roots of trees to create bridges?

Local citizens started to grow their bridges of the roots of rubber ficus several hundred years ago. They turn the direction of the roots to the side they need. Over 500 years they managed to build bridges the total length of which is 3 km. Such type of bridges is very strong and there is no danger they can be destroyed during floods.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

The bridge is located in Langkawi in Malaysia and is the local attraction. The length of the bridge is 125 meters and it is located at the height of 700 meters above the sea level.

Moses Bridge

The Moses Bridge in the Netherlands is named in the name of Moses in front of whom the waters of the Red Sea according to the legend parted.

Rolling bridge

The rolling bridge in London is 12 meters and is managed by the hydraulic pumps, built in into the bridge.

Magdeburg bridge

This is an unusual bridge located in Germany is the biggest water bridge in Europe. The length of it is 918 meters.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Gateshead Millennium Bridge is located in the Northern England and connect two banks of the river. When the ships pass both side are lifted creating the arch of 25 meters height.

Millau viaduct

Is located in France, one of its pillar is 341 meters, which is higher than the Eiffel tower. The length of the bridge is almost 2500 meters.

Hanchzhou in China – the longest bridge in the world

The bridge crosses the Hanchzhou Bay in China and is the longest transatlantic bridge in the world. The length of the bridge is 35 km and 673 meters.

Ponte Vecchio – one of the oldest bridges in Europe

This a famous bridge over Arno river in Florence in Italy, This is one of the oldest bridges in the city, it was built in 1345. On both banks of the bridge there are houses and shops.

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