Traveling to the South of France is an amazing opportunity to discover plenty of places within short period of time. Most of famous cities are located along the coastline and if you properly plan your trips you will enjoy visiting all of them. Plenty of tourists are arriving to Nice and then making trips to other spots. One of the most common routes from Nice is going to Cannes.

The most convenient way to get from Nice to Cannes

The easiest way to get from Nice to Cannes is to take a train. There are two types of trains going from Nice to Cannes and back.

TER trains – is the first type of train you can take to get from Nice to Cannes. The whole trip between the two cities in French Riviera will take about half an hour. Price for the ticket will be 5-6 EURO. TER trains are departing from the train stations Nice Ville and Nice Saint Augustine. The first train departs very early, at 5:30am in the morning and in summer period the schedule is extended till midnight.

Another train to take from Nice to Cannes is TGV. It will also take about half an hour going by TGV train to get from Nice to Cannes. There is difference in price though, since TGV tickets are a bit more expensive. TGV trains depart only from Nice Ville train station.

The advantage of TGV trains is that all the passengers will get a seat, while in TER trains no seat number is specified. During high tourist season there is a chance that there will be no vacant seat in the train and you would have to stand during the whole trip.

If you are planning to get from Nice to Cannes by train do not forget to double check the trains’ schedule for your trip, since very often summer schedule and winter schedules differ. Also during summer seasons there is a possibility that the railroad will be under repairs which means change in timing of arrivals/departures.

Going to from Nice to Cannes by bus

Should you decide to taste the life of locals in French Riviera, you can take a bus to get from Nice to Cannes. This way you would see the cities and the villages located on French coast and definitely enjoy the views from the bus window.

Bus number 200 is scheduled for the trip from Nice to Cannes and back. The first bus departs at 6am from each city, except for Sunday, when it is scheduled for departure at 7:45.

The last bus departs at 9-10 pm in the evening. Also do double check the schedule before you start your trip.

In Nice the bus departs from Nice Albert 1er/Verdun. In Cannes the final stop is not far from the Cannes Cinema Palace. The trip between Nice and Cannes by bus will last 1 hour 15 minutes and bus ticket will cost 1 EURO.

Getting from Nice to Cannes by boat

There is no other more romantic way to explore the coast of French Riviera and travel to your destination like going by boat. In summer French Riviera turns into Mecca for tourists and going to some places by car, bus or train may take a bit more time than expected. Going by boat is the most fascinating way to reach your destination point and be on time.

Traveling from Nice to Cannes by boat is a great opportunity to see Saint Tropez and other cities in Cote d’Azure. Trip by boat from Nice to Cannes will last for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on boat’s schedule and where it makes stops. Price for boat ticket varies from 46 to 61 EURO, tickets for kids are sold with discounts. You can book a boat from June till October.

Hope you will enjoy your trip, no matter which way to get from Nice to Cannes you select.

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