Travel to France for incredible holidays – visit country that is tempting millions of tourists every year. Rich historical heritage, distinctive cuisine and wines, stunning landscapes of Provence, warm waters of Mediterranean sea – isn’t that enough to start planning a trip to France right away?

France covers the territory of 551 500 km2.

The population of France is 65  270 000 people as of January 1, 2011.

Travel to France to discover historic past, enjoy modern art trends and have fun at the seaside. France is famous for its museums, beautiful architecture representing all epochs, wonderful beaches in the South and great ski resorts in the mountain area. For nature lovers there is a great possibility to attend National Parks and either stay in hotel or camping.

Mediterranean sea attracts tourists from all over the world for centuries. Mild climate and special atmosphere of the Southern part of France produce an unforgettable pleasant impression on everybody who comes there.

Travel to France, Nice city

Views of Nice city

Nice for example is perfect for visiting all year round. No matter what you prefer to do  – swimming and enjoying the sun, nice food, concert or festival – this is the very place to please any of  your expectations.

Travel to the South of France in February – March, when Nice city holds Annual Carnival, with bright light shows, parade of flowers and music performances.

Spring is good timing to travel to the South of France and participate in Cannes cinema festival, hold in May.

When travelling to Monaco you be impressed with casinos, rich hotels and restaurants. Located just few kilometers from Nice, on the seashore of the Mediterranean sea it serves also as a port for most luxurious ships and yachts.

Monaco travel photo guides

Beautiful Monte Carlo Casino Garden

In the North of France there is a city famous for its important role in EU society – Strasbourg.

Travel to France by car

In order to rent a car in France you would need the international driving license, credit card or in some cases the car rent company may requested a cash deposit.

The international car rent centers also request that driver’s age should not be less than 25 years old and driver’s experience not less then one year.

Traffic in France is right sided, it is obligatory to use the security belts. Also talking via mobile phone during driving is strictly forbidden.

Driving after taking alcohol may result in serious fines.

Transportation in France

The most popular and convenient means of transportation in France are trains.

If you are traveling in France at a long distance you can use the services of TGV.  Even though the tickets are not cheap the level of comfort and time saving is obvious.
There is another type of trains – TER, Inercite and night trains Lunea. It is highly recommended to book tickets for TGV in advance since during high season they are very popular.

Also it is very easy and convenient to travel in France by planes.

The airports are available in all big and middle size cities of France. Number of low cost airlines offer tickets to travel all over France and you can buy really cheap tickets.
Ski bus is basically the only means of transportation in ski resorts of France. If you purchase ski entrance ticket you can take buses free of charge.
In most of the cities buses are the main means of transportation in France, sometimes trams and trains.
Taxies are also widely used in France.

There exist two tariffs: “A” tariff (0,61 EUR per km) and tariff “B” at 3 EUR per km from 7am till 7 pm during weekends, holidays and during the night.

You can order taxi in France by phone or at the special taxi parking lots.

They charge 2,5 EUR for getting into the taxi and 1 EUR for each bag. Minimum taxi payment is 6,10 EUR.

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