United Arab Emirates is one of the top attractive places in the world. This is the country which connects Europe with India peninsula, Africa and the Far East.

United Arab Emirates is the country of the highest standards of life and social security of the population. The distinctive feature of the Arab Emirates is the combination of modern architecture of glass and old mosques.

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Also United Arab Emirates is the country of highways and desserts, modern shopping malls and traditional west market places.

Unique traditions of the East and European civilization merge here. A number of nations are living and working here closely side by side in the United Arab Emirates.

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United Arab Emirates was created in 1971, as confederation of the 7 emirates: Abu-Dhabi, Ajman Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain.

They all are unique in their way, have own laws and are united with the same aim and destiny with the only federal law valid all over the Emirates.

The geographic climate of the United Arab Emirates is perfect for tourist industry. The natural resources of oil and gas ensure a very high level of life of the citizens of the Emirates and make the country one of the most prosperous in the world. Also the country is highly estimated by the businessmen, making Emirates a meeting point for conducting business meetings, conferences and various exhibitions.

Emirates are also highly appreciated among the tourists due to high level of hotel and restaurant services. Huge number of entertainment possibilities and excursions are available for visitors of UAE.

Tourists coming to UAE will enjoy the warm sea, visit big cities or take a ride on camel. Everybody can find activity according to one’s preferences.

Tourist guide United Arab Emirates

The beauty of the ancient monuments and modern art constructions, or trip to the mountains – all these options are for planning vacations in United Arab Emirates.

A lot of tennis courts, fields for golf and football playing spots as well equipment for horse riding diving are in dispose on tourists. A lot of people are visiting The Emirates for shopping.

United Arab Emirates shopping guide

Particularly it is worth visiting United Arab Emirates shopping festivals, arranged in spring and summer, which are well known for discounts and lotteries. The main and most popular shopping spot is considered to be Dubai for the duty free arrangements.

Entertainments for children include aqua parks, Zoos and other attractions.

Visiting United Arab Emirates will be your the best travel experience ever!

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