United Arab Emirates is not only popular tourist resort, escape from winter but also a world known shopping center.

Huge shopping malls of Dubai are becoming more and more popular and are often the main purpose of the trip to United Arab Emirates.

Number of best brands can be found in the shops of Dubai. Cosmetics and electronics as well as beautiful furniture are for sale here.

But of course of the most interesting and fascinating for shopping are the jewelries – golden items and stones. Shopping in Dubai is attractive due to much lower prices for number of items defined by low TAX for import (4%).

Dubai is the city of huge shopping malls where everything can be found.

Boutiques and shops are also a part of the entertainment zone, cafes and kinder gardens, with tropical gardens and luxury sport gyms.

The Mall of the Emirates is the most luxury shopping center and the biggest one. More then 400 shops for selling clothes and shoes are located on its area.

Huge entertainment park with playing stations is arranged for kids and parents.

Children can stay here for whole day. A brand new cinema house with 14 halls is also located on the territory of the Mall of the Emirates.

The most special place of Dubai is the Ski Dubai resort. Tourists can go skiing and enter the winter, and while the temperature outside is about +30C!! Inside of the Ski Dubai paradise it is -10C!!!

Burjuman was open in 1992, and at that period of time it was the biggest shopping mall.

There are a lot of shops here. One can buy Chanel and Dior and other popular brands.

The malls are open from 10am till 10pm. On Fridays the center is open from 4pm till 10 pm only.

Address: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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Wafi City Mall represents more then 230 boutiques of various modern clothes. It is practically impossible to visit all of them within one day.

In Wafi City Mall most known jewelry items, like Tag Heuer, Graft, and Paroff Jewelry are for sale.

The building of the mall is also very attractive – it is built of glass, in the style of Egypt pyramids.

The “meetings zone” is a luxury entertainment center, which is very popular among the citizens of the city, where they can enjoy music and nice food.

The opening hours of the shopping mall are:

others: from 10am till 10pm.

Address: Oud Metha Rd, United Arab Emirates

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The IBN Battuta Mall is called in the name of famous Arab traveler, who lived in 16th century.

The shopping complex is divided into 6 countries according to visits of Ibn Battuta – Egypt, Tunisia, Persia, Andalusia, India and China.

Each of the zones presents unique features of the country.

Mercato shopping Mall is the place where you can find everything! Tourists enjoy buying here different items for interior design, jewelries, clothes and cosmetics.

There are much more shopping malls in Dubai of course.

While planning a trip in Dubai note that public transport here is used quite seldom, this is why you can take taxi to get to the nearest shop, which would be 5-10 dollars.

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Shopping in Dubai cannot be imagined without going to traditional market places.

The most famous and popular one is the “gold market”, where you can buy beautiful decorations made of gold. At the same time prices here will pleasantly surprise you.

Almost every item here is a piece of art of exclusive design and the low price doesn’t mean lower quality at all.

Another special place in Dubai is the “spices market”. Even if you don’t visit your kitchen often you will be impressed with huge bags with colorful spices.

There are also traditional Arab medicines and old aromas, dry petals of roses and a lot of other exotic things.

Tourists coming to Dubai often cannot help the temptation of buying a carpet made by local masters. Sometimes it is hard to imagine the price of the carpet.

The more units it consists of the more expensive he carpet is. Sometimes the decisive role in price establishing is given to the name of the master.

A nice carpet can serve for many years and it is not that easy to find a really nice thing.

If the purpose of your trip is shopping only, plan visiting Dubai for the period of festivals.

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