Car rental in UAE is easy – you will see car rent centers with all the latest car models everywhere.

Car rental in UAE is possible with a driver or without – both options are available. Also you are not limited in timing to take a car for rent.

To be eligible for car rental in UAE you would need to provide driving license, issued no less then a year ago.

There are some age restrictions though – only adults of 21 years old are allowed to drive in UAE.

Like anywhere it is highly recommended to rent a car with insurance. In some places, like Dubai for example, car rental without insurance will not be possible.

This kind of insurance will be eligible only on the territory of UAE.

Tourists traveling to Oman should keep in mind that this kind of car insurance will not be valid.

Minimum car rental period allowed in UAE is one day – 24 hours.

Traveling by car in UAE is a great way to see local attractions and to learn more about local life.

But be careful driving and remember that within the cities the highest allowed speed is 60 km per hour and in highways – 100 km per hour.

Those who violate the rules will be immediately punished, since video cameras and speed radars are installed in most places.

Police gets informed about any kind of road rules violation right away and will react immediately.

Needless to say that driving drunk is strictly forbidden. In this case a person can be extradited from the country or put into a prison.

There is fines payment set for failing to use safety belts – 100 USD.

Most of the cars for rent in UAE are equipped with a special alarm system reminding a driver not to exceed the highest allowed speed.

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