Public transport in UAE is well organized and easy to use. Main means of travel in the cities of UAE are buses. Public transport in Dubai represents 7 zones system, where you pay for the trip based on the number of zones you cross during your journey. No fee is foreseen for kids up to […]

Car rental in UAE is easy – you will see car rent centers with all the latest car models everywhere. Car rental in UAE is possible with a driver or without – both options are available. Also you are not limited in timing to take a car for rent. To be eligible for car rental […]

United Arab Emirates is not only popular tourist resort, escape from winter but also a world known shopping center. Huge shopping malls of Dubai are becoming more and more popular and are often the main purpose of the trip to United Arab Emirates. Number of best brands can be found in the shops of Dubai. […]

United Arab Emirates is one of the top attractive places in the world. This is the country which connects Europe with India peninsula, Africa and the Far East. United Arab Emirates is the country of the highest standards of life and social security of the population. The distinctive feature of the Arab Emirates is the […]

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