Beautiful Park Volodymyrska Hill in Kiev is popular due to marvelous views of Dnieper River and landscapes of the left bank of Kiev. Volodymyrska Hill is an important and sacred place for all Ukrainians, since here Knight Volodymyr the Great baptized the Rus’.

The park is also unique due to its location, in the very heart of business center of the capital of Ukraine.

Volodymyrska Hill is like a green island in the dynamic modern city.

Years ago this place was called Mikhailovskaya Hill, according to the Mikhailovskyi Monastry, founded in 1108.

The territory of the hill belonged to the Monastery and for years it was without trees and only few constructions were located here.

In 1830 – 1840 they started to bring it to order, planted trees, and planned a park.

Volodymyrska Hill Kiev Ukraine trip planner

In 1850 – 1880 the park was the only free of charge park in Kiev. It was on the peak of its popularity.

There were of course other parks in Kiev but those charged entrance fees and were surrounded with fences.

Another advantage of Volodymyrska Hill Park was that the Kievers could visit it all year round unlike the other parks.

In 1853 on the top of Volodymyrska Hill (called Mikhailovskaya at that period of time) a monument to Vladimir the Baptizer was erected.

The monument was created by sculptor Klodt and two architects: Demut-Malinovskyi and Ton. The park and the monument became the visiting card and one of Kiev most popular tourist destinations.

Approximately from 1890 the Cross of the monument is lightened, which is especially attractive in the evenings.

A lot of famous and talented people are coming to Volodymyrska Hill for inspiration or just to enjoy the beautiful views.

Main attractions of Kiev are located nearby: Mikhailovskyi Cathedral, Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Golden Gates, the Independence Square, Andreevsky descent.

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