Make a trip to Ukraine – the largest country in Europe – 603,628 km2 (233,062 sq mi). Ukraine borders Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, Romania and Moldova, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov . Major rivers of Ukraine are: Desna, Dnieper, Dniester and Southern Bug.

Hryvna (grivna, UAH) is the official currency of Ukraine.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and official language is Ukrainian. Kiev is beautiful, huge and dynamic city. These three words cannot characterize in full the city with about 5 mln population, located on the banks of Dnieper river.

Kiev city tours Ukraine

Number of Cathedrals, old city of Podol, the Monastery Caves, Opera Theatre, Pirogovo Open Air Folk Art Museum are just a few of many tourist spots to visit in Kiev.

Pirogovo Open Air museum in Kiev

Your trip to Ukraine would fore sure be one of the most interesting trvael experiences. This is the biggest country by territory in Europe. Ukraine is located in the very heart of Europe.

Reasons to make a trip to Ukraine

A lot of tourists are visiting Ukraine to discover beautiful nature, to feel the atmosphere of Ukrainian culture, get to know more about the historical past and culture of Ukrainian people.

Amazing beauty of Ukrainian nature is really inspiring. Banks of Dnieper and Dnister rivers framed with the greenery of the banks are amazing. Aleshkovskie sands (peski) of Ukraine is the only sand dessert in Europe, where the biggest artificially created forest is located. This is where exotic kinds of animals reside and rare kinds of flowers can be found.

Due to unique natural resources Ukraine is also a perfect place for recovery. A lot of mineral and thermal resorts are very popular among people from all over the world.

trips to Ukraine photo

Duting your trip to Ukraine you will discover most interesting facts of culture, which are a mixture of traditions of different people, residing in the territory of Ukraine.

During centuries various states and empires existed on the territory of Ukraine. This is why nowadays all the regions of Ukraine are so different from each other.

Travel ideas for vacations in Ukraine

Variety of cultural and natural objects makes Ukraine a special destination for all the tourists. Everybody can find here things to do and enjoy: be it the architecture of the cities, the heritage of UNESCO, or beautiful palaces and parks, research culture of the Ukrainian villages, plan vacations at the seaside of Odessa, or organize a trip to Carpathian mountains.

Carpethian mountains – destination number one for nature lovers

Trips to Carpathian mountains can be arranged on bikes and as walking tours. These mountains are very poular among hikers who prefer vacations in fresh air and adventures.

IN the mountains there are signs for bikers in a number of places pointing out the routes, but keep in mind that the routes are mainly for trained people.

Carpathian mountains are covered with the green woods opening an amazing view in front of tourists reaching the top. If you are traveling to Carpathians make sure to try local cheese produced in the mountains by people living in these areas.

The highest mountain in the country is Hoverla 2061 meters in Ivano-Frankisk oblast.

Ukrainian Churches

Special feature of Ukrainian historical heritage are the churches. The orthodox churches with golden cupolas, Gothic churches in the Western Ukraine and wooden towers of Carpathians with a lot of decorations.

In Orthodox churches there are a lot of iconostasis with carvings, walls beautifully decorated with frescos, and very high ceilings.

In Carpathians the churches were built of wood for a long period of time, since this was the main resource of materials. Starting from XVI century local citizens start building wooden churches and even though a lot of them were ruined by the fire and destroyed for other reasons, a lot of them have been preserved and serve as a beautiful decoration of the landscapes.

Visit Ukainian most popular tourist city – Lviv (Lvov)

Ukraine is different in many ways and if you want to get to know Western part of the country it is best to organzie a trip to charming city of Lviv (or Lvov).

This is the most popular travel spot among Ukrainians and foreign guests. No wonder that tourists who have visited Lviv once keep coming back – number of cozy cafes and restaurants, relatively cheap accommodation and hospitality of local people are always valued.

They count round 100 of Cathedrals in Lviv city, which is a very extraordinary feature for the city with the population of about 700 000.

The most interesting Cathedrals are the highest ones and located in the center of Lviv.

Ukraine on the map:

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