What are the special places to visit in Ukraine? Where is it possible to learn about the history of Ukraine and feel the atmosphere and get in touch with style of life of Ukrainian celebrities of ancient times? Chernigiv oblast in Ukraine is place for visiting at least for the famous historical place – Kachanovka park. This place still preserves the untouched beauty of nature and architecture of previous centuries closely connected with the story of previous owners of this place.

visit Kachanovka park Ukraine

It is located 170 km from Kiev in the village of Kachanovka.

The palace is the only place in Ukraine preserved as a complex after the war and revolutions.

Monument in Kachanovka park Ukraine

The construction of Kachanivka palace was ordered by the family of rich patrons of art Tarnovskie. The palace was built on beautiful banks of the river on the hill. Two lakes are surrounding the Palace on the sides.

lakes in Kachanovka park Ukraine

There is a nice cozy central alley to the center of the complex.

Years ago Kachanovka village used to be the center of Ukrainian art. It was often visited by famous artists and people like Mykola Gogol, famous writer, used to come here.

At the end of XIX century the family of Tarnavskie went bankrupt. The palace was offered for auction and it was purchased by a sugar King from Russia Pavlo Kharitonenko. He paid 1 million golden rubles to buy it..

He invested a lot of efforts and funds to improve the water drain system and the exterior of the Palace. Later he presented the Complex to his daughter Olena and her husband Michail Urusov.

When the young couple was going for the ceremony of marriage Kharitonenko ordered to cover the road with sugar which was meant to symbolize the sweet life together.

Kachanovka Ukraine

In 1918 the family of Kharitonenko emigrated and Kachanovka was nationalized: first it was handed over to orphanage and later to the resort.

Kachanovka park is located on the territory of 560 hectors, some parts are covered with wood. 12 lakes and several meadows are nicely set on the territory of the park.

Starting from the 1st of April till the middle of November the park is open for excursions. Boat trips, walking tours and fishing are available for the tourists.

Park in Kachanovka

There is a shop and cafe on the territory of the park.

The park can be rented for big events.

You can spend whole day in Kachanovka and stay for the night in local hotel or come here for half of the day and visit another park – Trostianetz, which is only 20 km. It was founded by a friend of Tarnavskie family, Ivan Skoropadskyi.

How to get to Kachanovka?

The best way to reach Kachanovka is by car of course. Take route Kiev –Chernigiv through Ichnia.

The whole trip from Kiev will take about 2-3 hours one way.

There is parking lot at the entrance to the park, where you can leave the car.

Also it is possible to book excursions with a guide, in advance by phone: (4633) 2-41-15, 2-41-25.

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