Pirogovo Museum in Kiev is the best place to learn about the history and culture of Ukraine, traditions and style of life of Ukrainians.

Pirogovo Open Air Museum is located on the border of the city. Though the speed of growth of city territory is so fast that it may turn out to be almost ion the center of Kiev soon.

How to get to Pirogovo Open Air Museum in Kiev?

Few years ago the blue line of Kiev metro station was extended and that makes travel to Pirogovo museum by public transport much easier and faster. You can go to Teremki metro station and then take a regular bus from the stops near by to get to the museum.

Pirogovo museum is quite popular among the citizens of Kiev and guests. This is a nice opportunity to spend weekend or short holiday break at nature without leaving the city.

There are several cafes and restaurants on the territory of Pirogovo Open Air Museum in Kiev. This is where you will be offered typical Ukrainian food.

Pirogovo Folk Architecture and life museum things to do in Kiev

Churches – exhibits of Pirogovo Museum were brought from different parts of Ukraine.

What to see in Pirogovo Museum?

The exposition of Pirogovo Museum displays the architecture of Ukrainian villages – peasant houses, windmills and wooden churches.

This collection is illustrating habits and traditions of Ukrainian nation of different periods of time. Most of the houses and churches located on the territory of Pirogovo Folk architecture Museum are originals and were erected centuries ago.

They were brought to Kiev from different parts of Ukraine to tell the history of regions of Ukraine.

You can take excursion with a guide or take a tour of your own. The territory of Pirohovo is designed in such a way that you can get from one region of Ukraine to another within just few steps, walk in the streets of Ukrainian villages, cross hilly landscapes, rivers and fields.

National open air museum in Kiev


Various national celebrations are regularly arranged in the Museum. These events are devoted to some particular state event or to the national holidays.

If you are visiting Kiev on one of these days, make a trip to Pirogovo to see Ukrainian celebrations and have fun.

Programs of such venues vary, but always are of Ukrainian national character, with lots of concerts, singing and dancing.

When the harvest season is over, they organize various market places, selling food and other related goods.

You can participate in these feasts and become a part of the celebration.

Pyrogiv National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine

Tour to Pirogovo National Museum will be a fascinating adventure, taking you back in time to historical roots of Ukraine.

The National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine in Pirogovo/Pyrohiv can be easily reached by public transport or by taxi.

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