Mariinsky park in Kiev is the most popular and unique spot for tourists and for Kievers.

Mariinskyi park was founded in 1874 by gardener Nedzekskyi. It also used to be known as Soviet, Victims of Revolution Park.

Walking in peaceful alleys of the park is really enjoyable.

Old high trees and cozy benches create the atmosphere of calm oasis in the very center of Kiev.

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Mariinsky Palace, famous architectural monument, on the background of which the President of Ukraine greets all Ukrainian people on occasion of National holidays, is located in the park.

On the left from Mariinsky Palace there is a building of Supreme Council of Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is located next to it.

Walk a bit further to the viewing platform and enjoy magnificent landscape of Dnieper River and its left bank.

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Mariinsky park in Kiev is also well known for the Bridge of Lovers, sad story of which is closely related with this place.

People come here to write about their love, some even jump from the bridge if no feedback from the beloved party was received. But everybody coming to Mariinsky park likes this place.

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