The history of the National Opera Theater of Ukraine goes back to 1867.

Kiev was one of the most important administrative centers of the Empire at that period.

It is worth mentioning that Kiev National Opear Theater was the first after the two – in St Petersburg and Moscow – music theater.

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In summer of 1867 the first Opera troupe was organized.

Famous singer and entrepreneur Ferdinand Berger became the manager of the troupe.

He was a well known professional and it is due to his initiative a lot of new talented actors joined Kiev Opera Theater.

On the 27th of October (8th of November according to the new calendar style) the Kiev Opera House opened its doors for the visitors.

This date became the countdown for celebration for Kievers and historical date for the whole Ukrainian culture – the first performance was on.

“The Askold grave” opened the list of performances of Kiev Opera House and in a while the theatre repertoire was enriched.

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On the 4th of February in 1896 after the morning performance of “Eugene Onegin” the theater was seized with a fire.

In few hours the theatre, which was erected in 1856 by Ivan Shtrom, was ruined.

One of the best music libraries, costumes and decorations burned in the fire.

For some period of time performances were conducted in Bergonie theater (currently the National Theater of the Russian Drama) and “Solovtzov” (The National Theater of Ukrainian Drama by I. Franko) and even in the premises of the circus.

Kiev could not exist without the Opera Theater any more. After the competition for the construction of the new theater Victor Shreter received most votes and created a beautiful ensemble which joins classic style and the so called “Vienna modern” styles.

The theater was reconstructed twice (in 1935 and in 1988) which resulted in increase of the orchestra pit and termination of the uncomfortable seats. In total the theater counts 1300 seats.

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The first ballet group was successfully created in 1897, which attracted more publicity and made the itinerary of performances more varied.

A famous Polish choreographer Stanislaw Lenchevskyi was the leader of the group.

In XX century while Kiev city was in its most favorable period of growth, the Kyiv Opera House belonged to its most important and valuable assets.

Today Kiev Opera theater is open almost every day and welcomes guests from Ukraine and all over the world.

Kiev Opera House address: 50 Vladimirskaya Str.,

Tickets can bought:

Daily from 11:00 till 19:30

On Mondays till 19.00.


Kassa № 1 – 14:00 – 15:00

Kassa № 2 – 15:00 – 16:00


Please note, from 6pm till 7pm only tickets for current night performance are available for sale.

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