There is always something special we would like to know about the country we are visiting. Here are some interesting facts about Ukraine.

Lavra are the biggest and most influential men’s monasteries. The status of Lavra have only 6 monasteries in the world and three of them are located in Ukraine.

Interesting facts about Ukraine

The longest music instrument is Ukrainian trembita. The length of trembita can be 4 meters and the sounds of the instrument can be heard at the distance of more then 10 kilometers.

There are more then 5000 castles on the territory of Ukraine.

Lviv city is in UNESCO heritage list.
Lviv coffee is well known all over the world and the first coffee house was open in Lviv in 1829.

The highest mountain of Ukraine is Goverla, the height of which is 2061m.

Speaking of interesting facts about Ukraine it is worth mentioning Ukrainian jumper Sergey Bubka, who made 35 world records, won several times in the world’s Gran-Prix competitions. He also became the champion of the world 6 times and 1 time champion of Seoul Olympic Games.

Kiev Metro station Arsenalna is the deepest in the world – 105 meters underground. It was built in the beginning of 1960s not far from the building of Ukrainian Parliament.

Mezhyrichie is one of Ukrainian villages where the archeologists found the most ancient map in the world and one of the oldest settlements created by people. The map was embedded on the rocks. Scientists believe that these artifacts are about 15 thousand years.

The author of the first Ukrainian Constitution was Pylyp Orlyk – Ukrainian activist. In 1710 he was elected the Hetman of Zaporizhzhia Army. On the first day of his reign he declared the main thesis of the constitution, which was a progressive document at that period of time. The Constitution stated the main rights and duties of the citizens and representative of power.

The geographical center of Europe is located in Rakhiv, in the East of Ukraine in Carpathians.

The construction bureau of Antonov developed an airplane with the highest cargo capabilities in the world. The aircraft An-255, was called “Mriya”, meaning “dream”. The purpose of creation of the aircraft was to transfer space ships.

The central street of Kiev –Kreschatik is the shortest street of Europe, the length of it is just 1 225 meters.

Kreschatik street Kiev Ukraine

Find out more about history of Ukraine visiting Pirogovo Museum in Kiev.

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