Feofaniya is one of the most beautiful Kiev parks. The park did not become super popular for certain reasons. Feofaniya Kiev park is located close to Feofaniya clinic and Pirogovo Museum, in the outskirts of Kiev city.

From the history of Feofaniya Kiev Park

For the first time the area, where the park is built, was mentioned in 1471. It was called Lazarevschina at that period of time according to the monarch living there. His name was Lazar.

Feofaniya park Kiev attracitons

Views of Feofaniya park

In the beginning of XIX century the first Kiev Vicar started living in this area. He received a land plot, between current districts of Kiev called Teremki, Goloseyevo and Pirogovo. His name was Feofan Shiyanov.

The authorities of Kiev approved change of name of Lazorevino into Feofaniya, the name which is preserved till our time.

Beginning of the XX century was marked with building of Panteleimonovsky Cathedral.

But before that the first Cathedral to honor the miracle of Archangel Michael was erected.

cathedrals of Kiev

Over the next 70 years 4 cathedrals appeared on the Territory of Feofaniya Park in Kiev. Panteleimonovsky Cathedral became the main one.

During war period these places were seriously damaged and destroyed.

Later Cathedral was handed over to the Institute of Science Academy of the USSR to study the experiments with explosions.

Finally in 1990 almost destroyed, the building was handed over to the church again and the restorations works started.

From 1993 Feofaniya becomes a skeet of Pokrovsky women’s monastery.

Also they started to build Blagoveschenskyi Cathedral.

Feofaniya park

In 1920 Cathedral is handed over for the development as rehabilitation territory. Also this territory is used for allocation of institutes and objects of the Institutes of Botanic of Ukraine.

In 1972 it was decided to create a park in Feofaniya. But only in 1992 this territory acquires the status of memorial garden park. In 2003 the 7 years program on restoration of the park begins.

Feofaniya Kiev park is open daily till 23:00. The territory of the park is closed for cars, but you can leave your car at the parking lot nearby.

Feofaniya park

During weekends Feofaniya park is overcrowded with wedding couples and celebrations. If you have a chance to visit Feofaniya park in the middle of the week then you would really enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere of this place.

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