Kiev is the city which does not look any other city in Europe. Kiev was the center of orthodox religion in the Eastern Europe, with rich history and culture.

Today it is a modern dynamic city, preserving the Ukrainian culture and traditions, the biggest in Ukraine.

Kiev city center photo

The three main districts of Kiev are: the upper town, Pechersk, and Podol.

The upper town was founded in Middle Ages of Kiev. This is the location of Golden Gates and St Sophia Cathedral, Kiev Opera House, Volodymyrsky Cathedral and Mikhailovsky Cathedral.

Mikhailovsky cathedral Kiev

During the times of Kiev Rus it was the symbol of power and strength.

Main governing residences were located in the upper part of Kiev, which also served as a meeting place of guests and Ambassadors.

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Podol is the downtown of Kiev and the oldest part of the city. Every street in Podol looks like museum.

Podol was an important trading center due to location of the Kontraktovy House (Dom).

Pechersk is an architectural and religious center of Kiev where Lipki, House with Chimeras, the Administration of President and the Parliament of Ukraine are located. Kiev Pechersk Lavra is located on the hill of Pechersk.

Andreevsky descent Kiev

Everyone coming as a tourist to Kiev visits Andreevsky descent, which is same popular among Kievers.

Andreevskaya Church, souvenirs market place, paintings, and antique stuff – all can be found in this amazing old street of Kiev. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit House museum of Bulgakov, which is also located in Andreevskyi descent.

The very center of Kiev is surely Kreschatik street. One can chose Maidan Nezalezhnosti (The Independence Square) or Kreschatik metro stations to start a tour and continue to the National Opera Theater, or Mykhailovsky Cathedral for example.

Interesting facts about Kiev

  • The longest street of Kiev is Brovarsky avenue, – 14 km length.
  • The shortest street is the Engineering pereulok, which is not far from Arsenalna Square, the length is less than 50m and only 3 buildings are located on it.
  • Vladimirskaya Street is the oldest one in Kiev with the history of more than 1000 years old.
  • The widest street of Kiev is Kreschatik – 75 meters from one building to another.
  • The narrowest street is Georgievskiy pereulok, with the width of only 54, meters.
  • The most highly populated district is Desnianskyi with the population of about 354,5 thousand people.
  • The less populated district is Pechersk with the population of 139 thousand people.
  • The deepest metro station in Kiev is Arsenalna, with the depth of 105 meters. It is also one of the deepest metro stations in the world.
  • The most beautiful metro station is Golden Gates and it is considered to be one of the ten most beautiful metro stations in the world.
  • The highest building of Kiev is the TV tower in the historical district of Syrez, built in 1973, the height of which is 380 m.
  • The most popular museum is Kiev Pechersk Lavra, visited almost by million of tourist every year.
  • The highest monument of Kiev is the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the height is 102 meters. It was open in 1981.
  • Troeschina is the district with the highest density of population in Kiev.

Best time for visiting Kiev is May – June, when the chestnut trees are in blossom and it is not so hot yet.

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