Botanic garden Kiev is located close to the center of the city, covering the territory of 129,86 hectares. Huge collection of 10 000 kinds of plants and herbs is presented in the garden.

The Botanic garden is also place for greenhouses, rosaries, collection of exotic plants. Various flower exhibitions are regularly organized on the territory of the garden.

botanic garden kiev in spring

Photo of Kiev Botanic garden in spring

The National Botanic Garden of Hryshko is named after botanist of Soviet period – Mykola Hryshko. In 1936 he funded the garden on the territory of 1.3 km2.

Botanic garden of Kiev is arranged in such a way that visitors see the flowers according to florist zone. They can go to Carpathian mountains, Central Asia or Far East for example.  Every zone consists of typical for this region plants.

In the greenhouse there is a unique collection of tropical plants.

Botanic garden of Kiev is a perfect place for family rest, or just for walking in the tranquil roads. The advantage of this place is that you don’t have to leave the city and arrive here in few minutes from the center of Kiev.

Botanic garden Kiev Ukraine

Roads in Botanic garden of Kiev, Ukraine

photo gallery of Botanic garden in Kiev city Ukraine

Walking in Botanic park of Kiev

photo of Botanic garden of Kiev city, Ukraine

Spring in Kiev Botanic garden

In May the garden looks like a huge meadow of tulips, with all kinds of colors and shape.

Botanic garden Kiev

Amazing tulips fields in spring

Clearly spring is the best time to come to the Botanic garden of Kiev, to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Though all the expositions are regularly updated here and the garden is green and in blossom during summer and autumn season as well.

botanic garden kiev ukraine

Autumn flowers of Botanic garden in Kiev

Kiev Botanic Garden, Ukraine

Views of central Botanic Garden in Kiev

Winter is not an exception as there is a greenhouse, where an exhibition of tropical and subtropical plants is presented. You will be especially amazed with the collection of orchids, hold during December – February.

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Botanic garden is located in Timiriazevskaya 1 Str, Kiev city.

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