Andreevsky descent in Kiev is a museum street, soul of Kiev city and its visiting card.

In the middle of XIX century bars and gambling spots were located in Andreevsky descent.

In 50 years this place was transformed into favorite location of artists, composers, sculptures and writers. Nowadays Andreevskyi spusk in Kiev is often called Kiev Montmartre.

Tourists are coming here to listen to musicians playing in the street and to enjoy the beautiful paintings of Ukrainian artists, who are coming here to exhibit their works.

Andreevsky descent photos

Walking in Andreevsky descent, Kiev

There are number of galleries in Andreevsky descent, as well as theaters, souvenir shops and restaurants.

Everybody who is visiting Andreevsky descent (spusk) will also be admired with stunning architecture of Andreevsky Church, located on the same street.

Andreevsky spusk Kiev

Photo of Andreevsky descent, Kiev

A bit lower from the church there is a building which is often called Middle Ages Castle.

This name was given to it by Ukrainian writer Victor Nekrasov in the honor of king Richard, the main character of “Aivengo” novel.

This building appeared thanks to the efforts of Kiev entrepreneur, Orlov. His idea was to build a house, but he got broken and later was shot.

His widow with 5 kids took a loan to repay the debts. The first owner of the castle was lord Urusov.

Later, when the apartments were for rent in the castle the inhabitants began to hear weird sounds and started leaving it.

Nowadays the building is often called House of ghosts.

A bit lower down Andreevsky descent there is museum of famous writer Michael Bulgakov.

After publishing his novel “Master and Margaret” he became world known writer.

But at that period of time nobody knew that his family lived in Andreevsky descent in the house number 13.

Andreevsky descent is a must to see travel spot in Kiev, you surely will enjoy walking here either from Podol or from the upper center of Kiev city.

Andreevsky descent in Kiev Ukraine

Views of Andreevsky descent in Kiev, Ukraine

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