St. Andrew’s church Kiev was founded in 1744 on the banks of Dnieper River. This magnificent event was devoted to the arrival of the Queen, Elisabeth I. This is the only construction of famous Architect Rastrelli in Kiev that is preserved till our days.

According to the legend, in ancient times, the hill, where the St. Andrew’s Church is located now, the place was washed by the waters of the sea.

Right after Andrew Pervozvannyi erected a Cross, the water disappeared in a magic way.

Now the Church covers the entrance to the World Sea. It is believed that only the bell ring can wake it up, but this would cause the worldwide flood.

This is the reason why there is no bell in St. Andrew’s church Kiev .

Stunning architecture of St. Andrew’s Church of Kiev city

Andreevskaya Church is built in baroque style and reminds a Cross.

There is the only cupola in the center of the Church, while the four corners are beautifully decorated with small towers.

St Andrew’s Church is surely one of the most significant buildings of baroque style, common for the period of XVII-XVIII centuries.

In Ukraine this style went through some modifications, having acquired peculiarities of the local national features.

Andreevskaya Church was built as a cross construction, stretching from West to East.

The height of the church is 47 meters, and it is 31×20 meters in size. As a church it performed for a rather short period of time.

It is located on the hill, which is not a safe place, and for the whole period of its existence there were many critical moments, when it was in real danger of being ruined.

St. Andrew's church Kiev

The first project of the church was created in 1745 by Iogann Shedel’ Architect, which was rejected by Elizabeth the Queen.

The second project was more successful, it was developed by Franchesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1748. The project needed some improvements due to special location of the church.

Appropriate changes were made by Ivan Michurin, under whose actual guidance the Church was erected during 1749-1754.

His idea was to add house –stilobat under the church and to build chairs and church porch, as well as some other minor improvements. A team of famous and extraordinary artists was working on decorations of the Church: I. Vishnyakov, I. Romenskyi, I. Chaikovskyi, A. Antropov and others.

Due to complicated location St. Andrew’s church Kiev has been restored for several times. Number of facts caused damages that required urgent interference, like location on the hill, underground waters, and landslips.

From time to time some of the walls cracked, and in some places decorations were damaged. The first repairs date back to 1895-1900 years, when the shape of cupolas was changed.

In 20th century the Church was repaired several times: the church porch was restored, walls, floors and icons were refreshed. They built a new drainage system; also the columns were made stronger.

St. Andrew's church Kiev

In 1787 after the death of Elizabeth the church was almost ruined. Only thanks to the efforts of Russian Empress Catherine this amazing architectural masterpiece was saved.

All the paintings of the church are devoted to religious topics, baroque style poses, clothing, huge number of details, landscapes and still life pictures.

Paintings are harmoniously set among the groove, moldings and the architectural shapes of the building.

How to Get to St. Andrew’s church Kiev

Kontraktova square (Kontraktova ploscha) is the nearest metro station stop. It is also possible to walk to Andreevskaya Church from Pochtova Square. Another option is Golden Gates metro station. It will take round 30 minutes to walk by Vladimirskaya Street.

Every day wedding ceremonies and Christenings take place in this magnificent building.

In 2008 V. Yuschenko, the President of Ukraine transferred the Church to Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Address of Andreevskaya Church (St.Andrew’s):

23 Andreevskyi descent, Kiev

Open: 9:00 – 19:00, depends on holidays schedule

Phone number +38 044 599 00 05

Closed on Wednesdays

In the premises of St. Andrew’s church Kiev they sometimes perform concerts. More details and information are available by phone.

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