Alexandria park in the city of Bila Tzerkva (literally White Church)  is located approximately 80 km and 1,5 – 2 hours drive by car from Kiev.

The population of Bila Tserkva is about 210 000 citizens. The city is well known for the amazing park which was built on its territory. Awesome Alexandria Park attracts not only local citizens, who are coming here for tranquil weekend but also Kievers and tourists.

Alexandria park Bila Tzerkva Ukraine

Photo of Alexandria park in early autumn, Bila Tzerkva, Ukraine

Famous Alexandria park was founded at the end of XVIII – beginning of the XIX centuries. It gives you perception of viewing natural paintings, which are disclosed in front of you while walking in the park.

The park got its name due to the founder, Alexandra Vasilievna Engelgart (Branitskaya), who was a niece of Grigory Potemkin. She obtained the rights for the park from her official husband, Ksaveriy Branitskyi. It is thanks to her efforts that the park was improved and a lot of changes were preserved till our days.

Botanic Garden in Kiev, Ukraine 

Most of the landscape of Alexandria park are not “polished” so that a visitor would have a feeling of being in a nature reserve. All the roads available for walking in the park count around 20km.

You can find here both – calm tranquil places for rest and more popular locations, where most people prefer to stay. Over the weekends Alexandria park is usually more attended. Thus if you prefer to enjoy the nature you should come a bit earlier, when the park opens – round 8am.

Road in Alexandria park in Ukraine

Road in Alexandria park in Ukraine

At the entrance to the park you can purchase a map with brief description of main sight seeings and brief historical facts.

There is a cascade of lakes with swans and ducks, living here all year round. They are very friendly and know that they will get something tasty from visitors. This is why as soon as you approach them closer, they swim to the shore expecting to get a snack.

Photo of white swans in Alexandria

Photo of white swans in Alexandria

photo of Duck swimming in the lake

Duck swimming in the lake

White roses in the gardens of Alexandria Park, Ukraine

White roses in the gardens of Alexandria Park, Ukraine

Also there is a rosary, with plenty of beautiful flowers, which were grown in Alexandria park in Bila Tzerkva. The roses are in blossom even in late autumn. The flowers that are grown here are so different due to scent, colors and sometimes unusual shape.

When you walk further into the park you will see an amazing bridge with two sculptures. This is one of the favorite locations for photos sessions for just married couples and their guests.

Bridge in Alexandria, Ukraine

Bridge in Alexandria, Ukraine

Photos of Alexandria park Bila Tserkva Ukraine


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