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Best ski resorts in Ukraine are located in Carpathian region, Chernovtzi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv oblasts. Skiing in Ukraine becomes a very popular kind of sports, attracting more people. That leads to significant investments into development of skiing in Ukraine and building high quality ski resorts. In total there are about 50 ski resorts in Ukraine. […]

Feofaniya is one of the most beautiful Kiev parks. The park did not become super popular for certain reasons. Feofaniya Kiev park is located close to Feofaniya clinic and Pirogovo Museum, in the outskirts of Kiev city. From the history of Feofaniya Kiev Park For the first time the area, where the park is built, […]

What are the special places to visit in Ukraine? Where is it possible to learn about the history of Ukraine and feel the atmosphere and get in touch with style of life of Ukrainian celebrities of ancient times? Chernigiv oblast in Ukraine is place for visiting at least for the famous historical place – Kachanovka park. This […]

There is always something special we would like to know about the country we are visiting. Here are some interesting facts about Ukraine. Lavra are the biggest and most influential men’s monasteries. The status of Lavra have only 6 monasteries in the world and three of them are located in Ukraine. The longest music instrument […]

Kiev is the city which does not look any other city in Europe. Kiev was the center of orthodox religion in the Eastern Europe, with rich history and culture. Today it is a modern dynamic city, preserving the Ukrainian culture and traditions, the biggest in Ukraine. The three main districts of Kiev are: the upper […]

Beautiful Park Volodymyrska Hill in Kiev is popular due to marvelous views of Dnieper River and landscapes of the left bank of Kiev. Volodymyrska Hill is an important and sacred place for all Ukrainians, since here Knight Volodymyr the Great baptized the Rus’. The park is also unique due to its location, in the very […]

Mariinsky park in Kiev is the most popular and unique spot for tourists and for Kievers. Mariinskyi park was founded in 1874 by gardener Nedzekskyi. It also used to be known as Soviet, Victims of Revolution Park. Walking in peaceful alleys of the park is really enjoyable. Old high trees and cozy benches create the […]

The history of the National Opera Theater of Ukraine goes back to 1867. Kiev was one of the most important administrative centers of the Empire at that period. It is worth mentioning that Kiev National Opear Theater was the first after the two – in St Petersburg and Moscow – music theater. In summer of […]

Golden Gates in Kiev is a fortified building of 12th century and one of a few that was preserved till our days. It was built in 1164 right after the erection of the fortified walls around the New city. Golden Gates in Kiev were the entrance and tower at the same time, triumph arch, leading to the […]

Andreevsky descent in Kiev is a museum street, soul of Kiev city and its visiting card. In the middle of XIX century bars and gambling spots were located in Andreevsky descent. In 50 years this place was transformed into favorite location of artists, composers, sculptures and writers. Nowadays Andreevskyi spusk in Kiev is often called […]