Emergency services center opens in Montenegro. Bar city of Montenegro will be the first the first city on the coast where the emergency point will be operating. 112 – is the 24 hours hotline to assist tourists and local citizens in case of emergency. The operators of the center speak English, Albanian, and Russian languages. […]

The National park Skadar Lake in Montenegro forbade fishing on its territory. This new regulation will be applicable till the 1st of June. The Ministry of Agriculture and on Development of agricultural areas of Montenegro adopted the new regulation. According to it any kind of fishing except for the blackhead fish is forbidden. Tourists that […]

St Stephan/Sveti Stephan – amazing island, ancient village, modern hotel area St. Stephan or Sveti Stephan  is an amazing travel spot, the image of which is published on thousands of websites and travel guides. This is visiting card of Montenegro, island with unusual past, which was preserved till our days. In fact, St. Stephan is a […]

New Year is celebrated on January 1 of course. This is a holiday to spend with friends and families. In Montenegro there is belief that chicken should not be present on the New Year table, otherwise happiness can fly away from home. On the 2nd of January the owner of the house gives remnants of food […]

Skadar or Shkoder Lake in Montenegro is the biggest lake in Balkan Peninsula. Skadar Lake National Park of Montenegro is popular among the tourists and local citizens. The Lake is inhabited with about 270 kinds of rare birds and 35 kinds of fish. You will have the opportunity to see some yourself if you choose […]


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