Tiny village in the Alpes Maritimes department of France, la Brigue is attracting visitors all year round. It is beautifully located in the mountain area, framed with greenery of woods and gardens. Amazing Road de Merveilles takes tourists to La Brigue, to discover the charm of the old village. Chains of mountains are surrounding the […]

San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world after Monaco and Vatican. The territory of San Marino is surrounded by Italy from all the parts of its boarders. San Marino boarders with Emilia-Romania in Northern Eats and with Marche region in South West. It is visited my millions of tourists every year […]

United Arab Emirates is not only popular tourist resort, escape from winter but also a world known shopping center. Huge shopping malls of Dubai are becoming more and more popular and are often the main purpose of the trip to United Arab Emirates. Number of best brands can be found in the shops of Dubai. […]

Mamula island is a rocky oval in shape island located near the world famous resort of Herzog Novi. Long time ago Mamula island was called Lastavica. In 19th century Colonel Lazar Mamula built a fortress to protect Boko Kotor Bay from the sea. Since then the island bears the name of Mamula. Mamula island – […]

How to plan a vacation trip to assure it goes smoothly and every details is foreseen? First of all you need to decide which country you are going to visit. Here are several options to help you with planning a trip. The easiest and sometimes cheaper way to go on vacations is to buy a […]

Hotel booking online tips will help you save time for making travel arrangements and make your trip really nice. Most of people try to do travel arrangements before they leave and of course think of booking hotel rooms online. There are number of characteristics to pay attention to when selecting hotel.  Search for guests’ opinion […]