There is always something special we would like to know about the country we are visiting. Here are some interesting facts about Ukraine. Lavra are the biggest and most influential men’s monasteries. The status of Lavra have only 6 monasteries in the world and three of them are located in Ukraine. The longest music instrument […]

Pisa Tower of Italy is also known as Leaning Tower. The construction of the tower started in 1173 and same year the tower began to fall. The construction of Pisa Tower was performed in two stages with two breaks. The first one from 1173 till 1369. The tower started to fall, as some experts believe, […]

If you are traveling to Croatia and intend to rent a car you must be no younger than 21 years old, have driving experience of three years, credit card, passport and driving license. If you do not have credit card, you can leave a deposit of 150 – 300 EUR. Car rent services are available […]

Menton is the first city in French Riviera tourists see when travelling from Italy. The city is protected with Alps from the North from Europe and it creates the special subtropical climate. Menton is a world known seaside resort, the city of mimosas and hot sun. The main attraction of the city are beautiful gardens, lemon […]

San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world after Monaco and Vatican. The territory of San Marino is surrounded by Italy from all the parts of its boarders. San Marino boarders with Emilia-Romania in Northern Eats and with Marche region in South West. It is visited my millions of tourists every year […]

United Arab Emirates is not only popular tourist resort, escape from winter but also a world known shopping center. Huge shopping malls of Dubai are becoming more and more popular and are often the main purpose of the trip to United Arab Emirates. Number of best brands can be found in the shops of Dubai. […]

Hotel booking online tips will help you save time for making travel arrangements and make your trip really nice. Most of people try to do travel arrangements before they leave and of course think of booking hotel rooms online. There are number of characteristics to pay attention to when selecting hotel.  Search for guests’ opinion […]

The process of booking hotels online is rather simple and does not require any special efforts. Filters for hotel booking When making booking online you can narrow your search by: Selecting the city you are going to travel; Point out number of people who are travelling and need hotel; Specify way of payment – either […]

Visiting France and thinking of traveling to Bordeaux? Here is a list of things to do in Bordeaux, brief guides and trip suggestions for family vacations and holidays with friends. Bordeaux is the capital of Gironde department and of Aquitania region of France. It is often called “Petite Paris”,”Sleeping Beauty” and the “Moon Port”. The […]

La Place Massena Nice city main attraction was built in 1840s. It is located in the very center of Nice, and is considered to be the main Nice crossroad. This is an interesting place, where you can take a walking tour to from Promenade des Anglais for example. On the north side of La Place Massena (or Massen square) […]