Where to go in March for the best vacations ever? March is a great month for travelling. This is the beginning of spring, even though the weather is still a bit chilly in some places, New Year holidays are behind and people are willing to have rest from winter.

March is still a great possibility to catch up at skiing resorts, while this is a low tourist season, which makes skiing even more pleasant for lower prices.

Where to go in March – best places to visit

Where to go in March? A lot of travelers are asking this question, since the idea of going to vacations in March may look not that attractive.

Things seem to be very clear when plan on going on vacations in summer for example. You can travel to seaside and you will not lose. Same for vacations in winter – New Year celebrations, sales, skiing.

Where to in March for swimming?

March is a season to get ready for spring, get sun burnt and wake up from winter sleeping mode.

Lets us see what are the possibilities of going to resorts in March.

Traveling to Europe in the beginning of spring for swimming will bring variety into your travel habits. Till May the temperature of water in European resorts is not that warm yet. In Canary Islands the temperature is +20-22C and the water is warmed up to +18C, which is more or less acceptable for swimming but again this is not ideal. Water in resorts of Tunisia and Turkey will also be a chilly for swimming.

Plan a trip to UAE in March

March is a transitional period in UAE. The weather in OAE in the beginning and at the end of March differs. In the beginning of the month it is cold in UAE, while at the end of the month it is getting very hot.

Where to go in March for holidays

In the seaside of Persian Bay, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the temperature of air reaches 28 C, and in Dubai and Fujairah gets a bit colder + 27C. During the night the temperature in Fujairah falls to 19C and 16-17C in Sharjah and 15C in Abu Dhabi. March is perfect time for visiting UAE since the weather is not too hot like in summer period.

At the end of March in Abu Dhabi they organize shopping festival, which lasts will April.

Where to travel in Egypt in March?

In Egypt resorts because of the wind it may not be very convenient to go swimming, the temperature reaches +25C. Price for the flight tickets and accommodation in hotels in March in Egypt is very low, which attracts thousands of tourists.

The first month of spring is superb for taking excursions in Egypt, travels in Nile and to Pyramids, there is not exhausting heat yet.

Is it possible to swim in March in Egypt?

There is no permanent heat in March. Temperature of water in March is usually no more then 21C. With regards to air temperature – it depends: it can be very warm + 25-30C and in the nights it is +16C.

Most of the hotels have heating system for the swimming pools, this is why swimming will be still possible if you will be going for March vacations. Most comfortable resorts to visit in Egypt in March are those located in the Bays of Sharm El Sheikh, where the cold wind doesn’t come through.

Where to go in Mach in India – make a trip to Goa!

Weather conditions are perfect to traveling to Goa in March for the vacations. The temperature of the air in Goa in comparison with winter months starts going up, at the same time humidity raises as well. In March the average temperature in Goa is +31C and the temperature of the water is +28C.

Tourists are attracted not only with the option to swim in March but also by attractive prices.

Also in March you can swim in Shri Lanka and in some beaches of Vietnam.

where to travel in March for vacations

In March the weather in Shri Lanka is warm, the temperature is about +30-32C during day and +20+25C in the nights. Water temperature is about +28C and if it is raining, then not for long time.

If you are planning budget travel in March – Shri Lanka would be the best place for rest the the sea.

Traveling to Jordan in Spring

In the South of Jordan due to special micro climate in March the weather conditions are very comfortable for rest at the seacoast.

Water temperature in Red and Dead seas doesn’t fall below +21C during a year. Favorable weather conditions wil make your sightseeing trips more pleasant, which might not be the case during hottest months of the year.

Going for vacations to Izrael in March

Izrael is a wonderful country which is welcoming tourists all year round. The weather in March in Izrael is very comfortable for beach rest, especially at the Red and the Dead seas. March is also the best season for excursions in Izrael.

The most comfortable resort for vacations in March in Izrael is Eilat. The air is quite dry here in spring, humidity if about 40% and it is warm. The average day temperature in spring in the Red Sea coast is about +26C and +20C during the night.

Plan vacations in March to Eilat

In Tel-a-viv the average day temperature in March seldom goes above +18C and +13 in the night.

Temperature of water starts getting warmer closer to summer. By the end of the month the water temperature of the Red Sea in Eilat will be about +24C, while the average temperature is +21C. The Dead sea remains the warmest one till the end of March with the temperature of +25C, same for the air temperature.

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