Still want to have vacations in summer? It is not too late – plan holidays in October and you will have wonderful relaxing rest.

Most of people are trying to go on holidays in spring or during summer months.

Everybody has obligations with jobs and families that’s why going on vacations in October or late autumn turn into great alternative to spend time with friends and family.

On the other hand you are lucky person – imagine that outside is real autumn.

It is raining, cold, and you have flight ticket to travel to your favorite destination and catch up with summer.

That’s amazing feeling to see the difference between where you are now and where you are going to be in few hours.

Imagine – you will travel from autumn to summer.

Most of people prefer to travel from one destination in summer to another.

They do not have this possibility to enjoy and extend warm pleasant summer season.

Do not get disappointed if you have limited budget – there are numerous hotels with different rates and you will find the one to correspond your needs and budget.

Lets select the best place to go for holidays in October.

Why not to plan a trip to Vienna in October?

If you come to Vienna in October you will catch up golden autumn.

This is best timing to visit museums, parks, palaces, enjoy classic music and try local wines.

There will be less tourists and you will have great opportunity to avoid queues to the most popular places of Vienna.

Best resorts for October season

Traveling to resorts in October will be a great idea, either with family or with friends.

Egypt will give you a chance to extend summer mood and enjoy warm sea and sun in October.

The air temperature in Egypt warms up to +30C and water +26C.

Going to United Arab Emirates for vacations in October

Traveling to United Arab Emirates in October is great choice for having vacations at the seaside.

The temperature in October in United Arab Emirates will be about +35C.

The only thing you should remember that the month of Ramadan starts here in October and all celebrations and entertainments are cancelled for this period of time.

Note that in some of the restaurants and bars alcoholic drinks will not be for sale and they may close earlier then usual work hours.

If you are staying in a hotel – these changes should not be applied.

Jordan holidays in autumn

Trip to Jordan will not only leave pleasant memories but also will help to improve your health if you visit the Dead Sea.

The weather is warm in October in Jordan, but still there is big discrepancy of temperatures during the day and the night.

Choosing Thailand for family rest in October

Traveling to Thailand you are guaranteed to get plenty of positive emotions.

In October temperature in Thailand is about +30C +32C, and falls down to +20C in the night.

In October it may be raining in Thailand, but still this is not the most rainy season. Rains may happen few times a day but for a short period of time.

This fact though should not be an obstacle if you decided to spend vacations at the white sand beaches of amazing Thailand.

The water temperature will be about +27C, not bad for autumn season, right?

Another advantage of going on holidays to Thailand in October is that there will be fewer tourists and you will enjoy local landscapes and seascapes without a crowd.

Israeli in October – alternative for summer vacations

Average temperature in Israeli in October is from +26C to +32C.

The hottest weather remains at the seaside of the Dead Sea and in Eilat.

The water temperature in October in Israeli is +27C.

Dry and warm weather remains till the middle of October and in the second half of the month in spite of the heat it may start raining.

Also last days of October are more often accompanied with cloudy days.

Trip to Morocco in October

October in Morocco is great for swimming, the weather remains warm, with colder evenings.

In October there is almost no rain, though by the end of the month it starts storming in the sea.

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