To be ready for vacations you need to be well organized and be ready with the list of what to pack for travel.

It is hardly possible to travel without a earphones nowadays. We love to listen to the music or watch a movie when waiting for registration in the airport or train station. Our advise is to take extra pair of earphones just in case.

Make sure to have a copy of your passport – loss of passport may turn into a disaster. But if you have a copy, things would be solved much faster and easier.

What to pack for travel if you are visiting different countries, places, hotels? Take universal adapter with you. Then no matter which country you are traveling to, you will be prepared to charge your devices.

What to pack for travel into the mountains? Raincoat – this is the most important thing to take with you on a trip. If you are going into the mountains or for a walk, taking a raincoat will save you from sudden rain and low temperature.

Do you prefer to have things organized? Then take a holder for documents and you will not lose anything, plus this is convenient when you are going through the customs – you will have everything in hands.

Put few zip lock bags just in case into your travel bag.

Traveling to new places may take longer time then you planned. There is no place for lunch or dinner. We recommend taking a snack with you – nuts or cookies.

Pills that you usually take take should be also in your travel bag. This will help you stay in a good mood and will not spoil a trip because of a headache for example.

Tooth paste and tooth brush are a must to have among your travel items. On the other hand this is what you can buy in many shops without a problem.

When you visit country with a different currency then it is advisable to have some cash with you. Then you will not be worried how to withdraw cash if there is an urgent payment.

Do you travel a lot? If so, you surely have frequent flyer cards for certain airlines. Pack them too to make sure miles are credited to your account.

Health insurance and any medical papers you think might be important should be among the stuff for traveling as well.

Don’t forget about travel insurance papers.

If you are staying in a hotel or renting apartment, it is advisable to print out confirmations and contact details.

Air tickets or train ticket of course must by in the list of things to take on trip.

Just in case prepare emergency contacts in the country you are visiting.

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