What is e-ticket? – was the question people asked when those appeared for sale. Now abbreviation for electronic ticket (e-ticket) is a commonly used term and we do not consider it as innovation.

E-tickets are used more often as they are comfortable and fast to issue in comparison to paper tickets. Everybody with access to internet can book e-ticket for the trip online.

From the history of electronic air ticket

The introduction of electronic tickets changed the processes of airline companies as well as procedure of tickets booking.

Starting from 2009 the e-tickets are issued more frequently.

2009 was a remarkable year for the air companies. Thanks to the introduction of the electronic tickets savings made up to 3 bln dollars. 14 years ago such savings would not be possible.

In 1994 American company United Airlines was the first in the world which refused to issue paper air tickets and introduced electronic tickets instead.

This innovation was not fully supported by colleagues at the beginning.

The fact that the electronic tickets were not favored can be explained by low development of internet at that period of time and perspectives of electronic tickets seemed too vague then.

1990 was the period of testing the new technology with lots of obstacles.

By 1998 only 20% of all electronic air tickets in the world were issued versus paper ones.

Things changed in 2004, when the Aviation Association IATA accepted that the electronic tickets are much more convenient and safe. The association announced that from now on the electronic tickets are to be used by all the air companies within next 4 years.

By 2008 all the air companies started to issue electronic flight tickets.

The process of transferring to the new technology was not easy and IATA stimulated tourist agencies and air companies encouraging them to apply the new technology.

What is e-ticket?

E-ticket is a new technology which allows passengers to perform flight booking online. All the information about the route is kept in electronic special database.

E-ticket same way as regular air ticket is the agreement between the air company and the passenger.

In some cases hard copy of the air ticket can be issued instead of the eticket and in this case additional fee will be applied.

Advantages of electronic tickets

What are e-tickets’ advantages? You can print out the e-ticket any time 24 hours a day.

You can pay for the ticket with your credit card online without leaving your work place or home.

You can print out the ticket wherever it is convenient.

The electronic version of the ticket is kept in a special database which makes it impossible to lose.

E-tickets give freedom to plan trips yourself and design the route according to your preferences, selecting most convenient time.

There is no need to wait for courier to deliver the ticket; you are not spending time for going to the travel agency to pick it up.

One more advantage of the eticket is that you are not wasting time for the registration.

You can buy the ticket not only for yourself but also for your family members and friends.

Find out how to cancel e-ticket in our guide.

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