Some tips on travelling to another country to get ready for vacations. What do you need to know before the departure and what do you need to do?

Make sure your name is spelled correctly in all your documents – air tickets, insurance, hotel booking confirmation. Keep e-versions of all you travel documents just in case.

Try to keep you passport with you while traveling in another country.

Make copy of your passport and leave at home or your friends.

Put down phone number of the hotel you are going to stay in, Embassy of your country, phone number of your bank and of the insurance company.

Check online the average exchange rate, since in the airport the rate can be much lower than in the city for example.

Search the events that will be held in your area of stay during your vacations – this way you will be already aware of what is happening and will not be in a rush buying tickets.

Pack your clothes according to the weather forecast for the period of your trip. Put an extra set of clothes to your hand luggage so that if your main bag is lost you have what to wear waiting for the delivery of the lost luggage.

When going to another country be ready to respect traditions, take into account climate conditions and the way people get dressed there. If you are travelling to UAE for example do not take shorts.

In Thailand you will always notice highest respect to the Queen’s family. Before visiting mosques in Muslims country everyone, and tourists are not an exception, must cover shoulders and knees.

Every country is beautiful in its own way and if you are going to discover it you become a part of it. Make sure you treat with respect anything that is different from your culture and enjoy the trip.

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