1 dollar – is it enough to buy something? What can you buy for 1 USD?

We suggest brief information for travelers about things to buy for 1 dollar around the world.

If your plan is traveling to Cambodia then you can count for happy hours to get best deal: fried frog, 2 cans of Coca Cola, cotton scarf, three fired spiders, or 20 minutes of fish pedicure and 4 liters of drinking water.

Things to buy for 1 dollar in Austria are limited to one item in our list: Kornspitz pastry.

In Philippines they offer wider range of things to buy for 1 dollar: half an hour massage of feet, fried fish, men’s haircut, 2 hours of internet access, coffee 7Eleven, 2 km in taxi, 4 liters of drinking water.

In Hungary you can buy a bottle of wine for 1 dollar. Wines of a bit better quality can be purchased at same price but for a glass.

The Netherlands gives you option to purchase 10 pancakes in the supermarket.

In Canary, which is Spain you can count for a cup of coffee in the capital. Prices in popular resorts are much higher.

In Egypt 1 dollar gives you option to purchase a can of tuna.

What you can get for a dollar in Vietnam – rent of bike for a day, 15 minutes of talk by Mobi phone simcard, 40 quail eggs, 1 traditional hat, a couple of newspapers, DVD, 7 liters of drinking water, 2 entrance tickets to the Castle of Literature in Hanoi, 1,25 liters of gas.

In Malaysia a dozen of eggs can be bought for 1 USD.

In Croatia big cup of coffee can be bought at 1 USD as well. Same price is set for the ice cream in Croatia. Try famous Ledo brand, stands selling ice cream of this brand are in all locations of the country.

2 liters of gas to fuel your car are sold at the cost of one dollar in UAE.

These are in brief things to buy at 1 dollar around the world.

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