Traveling to another country and would like to stay in a comfortable place? Plenty of tourists prefer to book apartment for vacations instead of a hotel. Straying in the apartment for holidays or on business trip gives number of advantages.

How to book apartment for vacations?

Booking apartment for the period of vacations is basically same easy as booking hotel. There are number of web resources which charge fees for the advertisers to place their apartments on their market place.

Selecting right place to stay

Read reviews of people who stayed in the apartment you liked.  Check with the owners of the apartment exact location, or any other additional services that are available. If you are traveling with kids and family it would be convenient to rent apartment close to supermarkets with easy access to public transport. Details about the routes and number of buses can be checked with the owner of the apartment. Often you can also find this information in the apartment prepared by caring landlords. Same about the excursions, trips to cities near by and most interesting places to visit. Alternatively this information can be provided by any tourist office.

Rent hostel instead of the apartment

The cheaper option then rent of the apartment is hostel. In most cases this is a big apartment, in which several rooms are provided for rent. The rooms are for rent for 6-12 people and for a less number, like 1-2 or 3 people. Basically you will be renting a bed in the apartment.

Some of the hostels will offer you breakfast services.

If you are going to ski resort for vacations with big company it is better to rent a cottage or villa. Best advise is to search on local websites.

Search for the cottage in advance especially if the dates of your trip fall into the high season period. For example if you are planning to go for vacations in winter, you can start planning in summer.

Rent of apartment in Asia

Keep in mind that depending on the country there are some peculiarities of booking apartments. For example you decided to visit Asia.  In this case look for  cheaper rent option upon arrival.

Hotels and guest houses that are advertised online would be more expensive in Asia unlike those you can find when arrived.

When talking personally to the owner or the real estate agent you can negotiate the price and get significant discount.

This tip is more applicable for the travelers who are coming to the country for long period of stay. If your plan is to come to Asia for 1 or 2 weeks, better to book hotel online. Or book hotel or hostel for one or two nights and then search for the best option for the rest of your stay.

Rent of apartment

Rent of apartment will be in some cases cheaper in comparison to hotel options. You will be living not in a typical hotel room but in nice cozy apartment with kitchen, shower or with a bathroom.

You will be asked to prepay the apartment 100% or partially. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay given no damage was made.

Booking systems for renting apartments and houses

Numerous system will offer their services for online reservation. The price range for the same apartment may differ depending on the web site.

We hope that no matter what you choose for your vacations – apartment, hotel or hostel it will be a great trip!

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