Planning to go on vacations and not sure how select a tour? Read our brief guide to help you select a right travel agency.

Travel agencies offer tours for the groups of tourists organize individual trips based on your expectations.
The traveler can announce the budget and his desires based on which the individual tour can be arranged.

There is another option suggested by the travel agencies, when traveler uses the same transportation means as the whole group, but type of accommodation differs. That means every tourist can select hotel or apartment he/she would like to stay individually.

Plenty of travel offers are available in the internet. Tour companies are trying to be flexible and will help you find the best deal to meet your budget and expectations.
Anyway more comfortable tours will be offered at higher prices.

Questions to check with travel agency

If you are going to select a tour and contact the travel agency to get maximum information, ask them the following questions:

  • Which type of transport is used, if this is a bus, which brand? And if you are traveling by plane, what airlines are performing the flight?
  • What type of accommodation is budgeted? If group is staying in a hotel, what is the level of the hotel then?
  • What services are available in the hotel, do they have a bar, buffet, sauna, internet, courts, restaurant.
  • What type of room is included into the package? What is the size of the room, is there is TV set, minibar, fridge, kitchen.
  • What type of bathroom is offered? Is this a bathroom with a shower or with a bathroom?
  • Which additional services can be offered at the hotel? Is it possible to order excursions, book flights, tables in the restaurants, send regular mail, ironing.
  • Where is the hotel located and what transportation means are available to get there. How far is the hotel from the center?
  • What are meal arrangements?
  • What type of accommodation you will be charged for? single or double? If you prefer to stay in a single room what is going to be the additional fee for that.
  • Is transfer from the airport or train station and back included into the cost of the tour?
  • What excursions are included into the cost of the tour?
    Does the price of the tour include medical insurance?

Make sure to keep with you documents received in the travel agency after you purchase the tour.
These are some main points to help you planning a trip with a travel agency.

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