How to plan a vacation trip to assure it goes smoothly and every details is foreseen?

First of all you need to decide which country you are going to visit. Here are several options to help you with planning a trip.

The easiest and sometimes cheaper way to go on vacations is to buy a tour and join a group and not to bother about any arrangements. Travel company will take care of flight, hotel and transportation booking for you, so that you will not have to think of how to arrange your vacations. The only choice you would have to make would be the travel company and the tour itself. Via tourist company you can order both – individual tour or group tour. Depending on country you are planning to travel, you can select a tour with group, which can be much cheaper.

Taking bus instead of the air plane

If you are thinking of how to plan a vacation and save money, you can think of taking bus instead of plane. Spending few days in a bus may be tiresome, but as a rule the tours are arranged in such a way that travelers have enough stops during their journey and will be entertained, watching movies on the road.

Almost all planned tours offered by tourist companies include excursions to the capitals and big cities of the countries, the groups are passing by. This is a nice way to see more places and get most of vacations without much hassle of taking care of arranging details. On the other hand if there is a place you liked a lot, you can plan next trip here for a longer stay.

Keep in mind that some of the tours may include night transfers, thus it is better to check in advance before the trip is purchased. Spending a night in the hotel, having dinner and taking a shower in hotel are more relaxing of course.

how to plan vacations

But if you are fine with spending a night in the bus then you might save some time for sightseeing.

Plan vacations by car

No doubt you would get fantastic experience if you go on trip by car. Agree with your friends and share expenses for car to save on trip. You will have fun in the company of people you like and will surely have enjoyable trip, since will not depend on anybody’s schedule, except for your own.

travel by car vacations guide

Use online travel guides

When planning vacations use online guide instead of the hiring somebody. Check online guides to the city or village you are going to and define which places you would love to visit. This will save some money for you for the excursions by the way.

How to plan a vacation and save? – the answer is: “Buy hot tours!”

Hot tours give an opportunity of saving up to 50% of the cost of the tour! If you have enough patience and can wait for the deadline of few days before the departure then hot tours are for you! Prepare the list of travel websites or subscribe for their updates to be immediately informed of the announced hot tours.

Travel by airplane – book tickets in advance

Plan vacations in advance and make flight reservation. Sometimes the prices offered for sale 6 months in advance can be offered at 50% cost. Check our article on how to book cheap flights online and save on travel!

how to plan vacation trip and save on travel

If you can spend some time in the airport, you can chose to buy ticket with transfers, which are cheaper compared to direct flights.

As a rule most people prefer to fly during weekends and then all flights on weekend days are overloaded and over the work days are almost empty.

Keeping this in mind number of air ticket companies offer discounts to get people travel during the work days and get more sales. Check this option when planning your vacations and may be it will help to save on trip.

Alternative option for vacation accommodation

Exchange of homes becomes and more and more popular these day. Perhaps not everybody can accept the idea of letting the house to people you don’t know, but for some this is a great opportunity, and for sure another experience.

exchange of homes travel option

There are special websites, where people can register, create their account and announce about the dates when their apartment is free. You can get an apartment for your travel for free or just for symbolic payment.

Alternatively a lot of young people chose hostel, which are becoming very popular in Europe and in US. For a relatively low cost you would have a bed and shower and will share room with several more people. At some hostels they also offer breakfasts and food.

A number of tourist companies offer the loyalty program to attract more tourists. They issue discount cards and give them for their clients. The discounts for the tours and flights can be 10%. Also it is worth mentioning that some tourist companies provide 5% of the discount if the tour is booked online.

By the way, do you plan to take a lot of clothes for your trip? Better to prepare list of things you will take with you and pack accordingly. Check the weight of the luggage at home, so that upon arrival to the airport it would not cause any additional expenses and you would stay within the allowed by the air company maximum weight.

Hope you will have great vacations and enjoyable trip!!!

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