How to choose hotel, select right place for your next stay? Choosing hotel is no doubt an important part of planning. Success of your trip will much depend on the hotel you choose for staying.

Tips for choosing right hotel

Select the hotel with a most convenient location, since this is the decisive criteria for arranging your stay, planning excursions and deciding on means of transportation.

Also it is important to take into account type of the hotel – whether this is a private or network hotel. There is no unified classification of the hotels in the world, hotel services of the same class in different countries may vary significantly.

How to choose hotel

This is why if you are selecting between unknown private hotel and well known hotel brand, perhaps you should give preference to the network hotel with a standard list of services.

Anyway it is highly recommended to study full list of the hotel services, including meals, free transfer to/from the airport, availability of the elevator, air conditioner, iron, Internet access, etc.

Some of the hotels may have restrictions on minimum age of the guests.

How to choose hotel for traveling with children

If you are travelling with children you should be aware of the conditions of staying with kids in the hotel.

In some hotels free accommodation and meals for children of up to certain age are allowed.

Some hotels do not allow staying with kids at all.

Some restrictions may apply to booking hotels at casinos for example. In this case minimum age of a guest should not be less then 21 years old.

We prepared travel notes with Tips on how to book hotels online to avoid misunderstanding and unpleasant situation.

Our guide with the List of common tourist abbreviations used in hotel business will help you select proper room in hotel and meals options.

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